Which industries would benefit from using a computer based panic button?

A PC based panic alarm system is a versatile solution that offers immense benefits across various industries. It provides employees with a quick and accessible means to seek immediate assistance during emergencies or threatening situations. Whether it’s in corporate offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, hospitality settings, transportation hubs, or retail environments, an on-screen computer emergency request button ensures a rapid and discreet channel for requesting help. With customizable features, seamless integration, and user-friendly interface, solutions are designed to enhance safety, improve response times, and instil peace of mind across many sectors.

Industries who should use a computer based panic button

There are many different industries and occupations that would benefit from using panic button software on their computers.

Corporate offices:

Corporate offices often have security teams or designated personnel responsible for emergency response. Panic button software designed for the office environment allow employees to quickly and discreetly notify the appropriate personnel in case of a safety or security issue within the office premises. Discreet activation of a panic button can be useful in scenarios such as workplace violence, intrusions, or other threatening situations. It enables employees to silently alert security teams or management, who can then respond appropriately without causing the source of the danger to be aware that help has been requested.
Employee alone in office after hours
Working in an area where you cannot be seen by others.


Retail stores, shopping malls, and outlets can implement an on-screen emergency request button to enhance the safety of employees and customers. In the retail industry, employees may face instances of theft, aggressive customers, or potentially dangerous situations. The software allows employees to discreetly request assistance from security personnel or management in situations involving theft, aggressive customers, or potential hazards. By discretely activating a panic button, retail workers can alert store security or management without causing panic among customers or alerting potential perpetrators.

Government facilities:

Government buildings, courthouses, or public administration offices can benefit from an PC based panic alarm system. The system offers a straightforward way for employees to quickly notify security or management in case of security breaches, threats, or emergencies within the facility.


Educational institutions, including schools, colleges and universities, can benefit from an on-screen emergency request button. In these locations teachers or staff members may encounter emergencies like intruders or violence. Teachers, staff, or even students can use the button to alert the school administration or security personnel in case of emergencies such as threats, violence, or medical emergencies. Discreet activation of a panic button can help people immediately notify school security or administrators, enabling a quick response while minimizing disruptions and maintaining a calm environment for students.

ok alone in schools for lone working
The only person still in a department at school.


In healthcare settings, such as hospitals, clinics, or nursing homes, computer screen panic button software can aid healthcare providers in calling for immediate assistance during critical situations or medical emergencies. It allows them to swiftly notify colleagues, security, or emergency medical teams within the facility to situations where they feel threatened by a patient or visitor. Discreetly activating a panic button allows them to silently summon security or assistance without escalating the situation or alarming other patients.


In the transportation industry, including airports, train stations, or bus terminals, a PC based panic alarm system with discreet activation can be crucial. It allows employees, such as ticket agents or customer service representatives to discreetly use the button to notify authorities or security personnel in case of suspicious activities, security breaches, or disruptive behaviour within the transportation facility.


These industries are just a few examples of how an on-screen emergency request button can be adapted to various other sectors where immediate communication and response are essential for ensuring safety and security. In all these industries and situations, discreet activation of panic buttons ensures a swift response from appropriate authorities, increases the safety of individuals involved, and helps prevent potential escalation or harm. The software provides a discreet channel for seeking assistance while minimizing panic, maintaining order, and safeguarding the well-being of all parties involved.

desktop lone worker app on screen
Desktop lone worker app on screen.

One such system is Ok Alone, an employee safety monitoring solution, which works across a variety of devices including laptops and pc’s. The solution is designed to enhance the safety of those working alone, whether they are in an office, at a client’s house or up a mountain! Ok Alone features a wide range of safety options such as the panic button mentioned above as well as man down, high-risk settings, voice commands and GPS positioning.

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