Are your Workers at Risk? Use the Lone Worker App

Lone worker apps are not all the same.  Of course everyone says their app is great, but the best way to know if an app is great for you is to try it. So Ok Alone created the 3 minute challenge. 

We believe our app is so simple to use, that in the next 3 minutes, you can start your first shift, send a help request and logout – all without reading an owners manual or needing a “personalized demo” with a salesperson. 

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Simple to Use

Three buttons is all you need to use this lone worker app. No manual required.

Gps Location

Our lone worker app uses the smartphone's gps to quickly find a workers location in case of emergency.

Man Down

Our Man Down feature helps keep your lone workers even safer. Monitoring movement and alerting monitors the worker stops responding.

It's More Efficient

Manual processes take time and lead to errors. The Ok Alone app automates this boring stuff.