The Lone Worker App that improves Workforce Safety and Monitoring

Transform your smartphone into a comprehensive lone worker safety device with the Ok Alone app. This innovative solution includes a panic button for emergencies, timed check-ins for regular safety verification, and GPS location monitoring to ensure your whereabouts are always known. It’s designed to keep you safe and connected, no matter where your work takes you.

Panic Button

Easily raise an alarm to request help, ensuring immediate response during critical situations.

Flexible Check-ins

Regular status updates to confirm safety, with customizable intervals for different work scenarios.

GPS Location Monitoring

GPS location monitoring offers real-time updates on the worker’s location throughout their shift.

Man/Worker Down

Detects lack of movement, automatically notifying supervisors or emergency contacts.

lone worker app to protect workforce

#1 Rated Lone Worker App

Ok Alone stands out as the premier lone worker app due to its exceptional blend of features, ease of use, and customer satisfaction. It’s been rated the top lone worker app on both Google Play and the Apple App Store, a testament to its reliability and user-friendly design.

Key features such as flexible check-ins, real-time location monitoring, and man down/worker down protection provide comprehensive safety measures that adapt to various working conditions.

Features of the Ok Alone Lone Worker App

Explore the features of our lone worker app. Designed to be easy to use and keep your employees safe no matter the situation.

lone worker app benefits

Panic/Help Button

Easily raise an alarm to request help in case of an emergency. Monitors will be alerted immediately with the worker's location and escalation procedure.

lone worker app benefits

Flexible Check-ins

A flexible countdown timer for check-ins can be set to suit the risk level of the work being carried out.  A missed check-in will automatically trigger an alarm and escalation to the monitor.

lone worker app benefits

Man/Worker Down Detection

Alerts Monitors automatically if a worker becomes non-responsive over a set period after a slip, trip or fall– no need to press a button. Alerts can easily be cancelled if not a genuine alarm.

lone worker app benefits

Discreet Alerts

Activate the alerts discreetly without raising suspicion by either shaking or multiple taps on the back of the smartphone.

lone worker app benefits

GPS Location Monitoring

GPS location monitoring offers real-time updates on the worker's location throughout their shift, enhancing overall safety measures.

lone worker app benefits

Emergency Alerts

Alerts are sent to designated monitors if a worker misses a check-in or activates a help alarm, prompting a swift response.

lone worker app benefits

High-risk Check-ins

Use Siri or Hey Google voice commands to effortlessly check-in or request assistance without the need to engage with the app.

lone worker app benefits

Timed Activity

Set a one-time timer for specific activities - great for home visits, utility jobs or any other situation where you need to be monitored for a set time.

Protecting Lone Workers in a Range of Sectors and Work Environments

Ok Alone’s versatile lone worker app is designed to provide robust protection and safety solutions across a wide range of industries. Our commitment to safeguarding workers extends to various sectors, each with its unique challenges and risks. Here’s how Ok Alone can be tailored to meet the specific needs of diverse workforces:

Healthcare and Social Services

Professionals visiting patients or clients at home can rely on the lone worker app for discreet emergency alerts and timed check-ins, ensuring they have backup in unpredictable situations. The app’s flexibility also allows for quick adaptation to varied working schedules and locations.

Security Companies

In the security sector, the lone worker app empowers security personnel with immediate alert capabilities and real-time location tracking, ensuring swift response and support during critical situations.

Utilities and Telecommunications

Field technicians frequently work alone in isolated areas. The lone worker app’s features support these workers by providing precise location data and enabling immediate alerts if a worker is in distress, ensuring rapid response to emergencies.

Agriculture and Forestry

Workers in remote areas benefit from the lone worker app’s GPS tracking and lack of signal check-ins. The app ensures that even in locations with poor cellular coverage, workers’ locations can be monitored, and emergency procedures activated if they fail to check in.

Government and Public Sector

For government employees conducting inspections, fieldwork, or community visits alone, the lone worker app provides essential safety measures, including location tracking and emergency alerts, to respond swiftly to any situation.

Transportation and Logistics

Delivery drivers and transportation personnel face risks ranging from accidents to confrontations. The lone worker app’s quick-check-in and SOS feature ensure they’re never truly alone, offering a direct line to assistance whenever needed.

Retail and Hospitality

For employees working alone in stores, hotels, or facilities during unsociable hours, the lone worker app offers peace of mind through emergency alerts and welfare checks. The app helps manage risks related to dealing with the public or handling cash.

Construction and Engineering

In the high-risk environment of construction sites, the lone worker app offers real-time location tracking and man-down alerts to quickly respond to accidents or health incidents. The check-in feature allows workers to report their safety status at regular intervals, ensuring that help is always at hand.

Education and Training

For educators working late or in isolated parts of educational institutions, the lone worker app’s timed check-ins and ability to raise silent alarms ensure that help is available, even when they’re out of sight.

By understanding and addressing the unique safety challenges of each industry, Ok Alone ensures that all workers have the tools they need to stay safe, no matter where their job takes them. Our flexible, comprehensive approach to lone worker safety makes Ok Alone the trusted choice for diverse sectors seeking to protect their employees effectively.

Do I Need a Lone Worker App?

You’re working remotely repairing an aerial at a substation. You fall off the ladder and break your leg, that’s it, you’re on your own, right? Wrong!

You have a Lone Worker app that uses GPS locations, so by clicking the ‘help’ button you let your supervisor know you need immediate assistance, and they send a rescue team to your precise location.

In today’s fast-paced work environment, lone workers face unique safety challenges. These workers often find themselves in remote locations or performing high-risk tasks, leaving them vulnerable to accidents and incidents. That’s where the lone worker app comes in. By putting safety at their fingertips, apps empower workers to stay better protected on the job.


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