Cloud-based Dashboard for Lone Worker Monitoring

Ok Alone’s employee safety app works in conjunction with a fully integrated cloud-based dashboard. The dashboard homepage allows Monitors to see, at a glance, the status and location of workers on shift. The dashboard has several sections – Workers, Monitors, Groups, Reports, Management, Settings – that make keeping track of your team even easier.

The Ok Alone Dashboard, designed for lone worker safety, offers real-time GPS location tracking, enabling employers to promptly respond to emergencies. 

Workers’ statuses are visible, displaying if they are overdue, at high risk, or have requested help. The dashboard offers customizable features, allowing for tailored check-in frequencies, group creation, and escalation procedures. 

Reports provide detailed insights into workers’ app usage, locations, shifts worked, alert triggers, and more. Historical actions such as check-ins, missed check-ins, and help alerts are viewable, along with monitor responses. Admins can easily manage worker details, shift calendars, safety zones and more. 

lone worker system dashboard

Features of the Ok Alone Dashboard

Safe Worker Apps that support lone worker safety with real-time monitoring offer numerous benefits, contributing to a more secure and efficient work environment. Here are some of the key advantages:

lone worker app benefits

Real-time GPS location

See real-time employee locations on detailed maps that can be viewed by Monitors on a range of devices. This enables employers and organizations to keep track of the location of lone workers allowing for a quicker response in case of emergencies, accidents, or other incidents.

lone worker app benefits

Worker Status

See the status of every worker on shift – overdue, high risk, fine.

lone worker app benefits

Customisable Features

Set check in frequencies, create groups, write escalation procedures.

lone worker app benefits


Receive notifications about worker emergencies in multiple ways -SMS, email, phone call, WhatsApp. Notifications include a link to the dashboard.

lone worker app benefits


Keep up to date with workers seeing their app usage, actions and alerts triggered, shifts worked, locations, group details, alert loops, timesheets and report scheduling.

lone worker app benefits

Worker Actions

View historic actions throughout a shift, such as check ins, missed check ins and help alerts. See the response from Monitors to each action.

lone worker app benefits

Admin Access

Easily add and remove workers, contact information, check in frequency, Monitors, groups, escalation procedures, device details, time zones, start and end shift calendar and safety zone allocation.

lone worker app benefits

Meet Compliance

Fulfil your legal obligations and duty of care to your workers.

lone worker app benefits


Monitor the safety of workers automatically through the dashboard or the call centre if required out of hours or at weekends.

lone worker app benefits


Ok Alone is fully integrated with what3words to give more precise locations for remote areas.

Learn more about our lone worker app with our demo video.

Why you Should choose Ok Alone's Lone Working App

Ok Alone is the perfect low-cost safe worker app to ensure workers safely complete each shift. The all in one solution is a simple app (which doesn’t require additional chunky hardware) to connect workers with a supervisor who monitors their health and well-being.

The Ok Alone system has a wide range of features designed to make staff working remotely feel safer. An automated countdown timer, as required by work alone legislation and the duty of care, will remind an employee to check in using either the smartphone app, SMS or phone call. Other features like Man/Worker down detection and high risk check ins give staff an increased sense of security. 

A unique feature of the Ok Alone solution is its ability to be used completely hands-free with voice commands. Android or iPhone verbal short cuts can be programmed into the app, allowing workers to start shifts, check in and most importantly, request help without touching their phone.

There is no upfront investment or long term contract required as accounts run month to month giving employees and employers peace of mind for as long as it is needed. 

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