GPS Monitoring for your Lone Workers with the Ok Alone App

The Ok Alone safety app is a comprehensive lone worker protection system integrating GPS technology with iPhone and Android applications, serving as an efficient GPS lone worker device.

When GPS first began to be used for worker safety monitoring, it was hailed as an important breakthrough. At the time, it was a leap forward in technology. It allowed workers to be accurately monitored, even in remote locations and while on the move.

In today’s world, GPS technology has become widely available in most smartphones. With the Ok Alone app, you can take advantage of this technology to safely monitor your workers. The app utilizes GPS to consistently monitor your workers’ locations, thereby reinforcing their safety while working alone.

How does the GPS Monitoring Work?

Ok Alone’s GPS lone worker devices, in the form of their lone worker app, offer real-time GPS tracking capabilities. This feature can provide the precise location of a worker in case of an emergency, thus enhancing their safety while working alone. There are a couple of monitoring options; with GPS High the app uses your phone’s GPS to provide the most accurate location updating every 10 seconds.

Ok Alone offers GPS Normal for location monitoring which updates every 1-2 minutes and won’t use all of your battery charge. Any app that drains the charge on your battery is not going to help keep you safe!

Ok Alone is an app that doesn’t need to be ‘open’ to work. The app features background mode, which means the solution is running without it having to be constantly on the screen.

So, the lone worker app can run in the background and continuously give location updates. Therefore, if your worker is in trouble – you know where they are!

What GPS tracking do I need for my Lone Workers?

Ok Alone’s GPS lone worker devices offer real-time location tracking, ensuring that a worker’s exact position is accessible during emergencies. This vital feature enhances worker safety by providing timely and accurate information when it matters most. The choice of GPS tracking for your business will depend on your specific requirements and your safety policy – but either way, you’ll find our lone worker safety system is affordable, quick to implement and easy for your workers to use.

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