GPS Monitoring for your Lone Workers with the Ok Alone App

GPS tracking for your Lone Workers

The Ok Alone safety app is a comprehensive lone worker protection system integrating GPS technology with iPhone and Android applications, serving as an efficient GPS lone worker device. When GPS first began to be used for worker safety monitoring, it was hailed as an important breakthrough. At the time, it was a leap forward in technology. …

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GPS Technology Isn’t Enough – Lone Worker Safety

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Do you rely on GPS technology to keep in touch with lone workers?

You might not know that the first GPS satellite, Navstar 1, was launched way back on February 22, 1978. In 1983, after the USSR shot down a Korean passenger jet, the US government opened up GPS for civilian applications so that aircraft, transport and shipping could avoid drifting into restricted

Why GPS technology Isn’t Enough for Lone Worker Safety

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Where are your people?

You may think that your GPS system is keeping track of where everyone is as they go about their work, but GPS has definite shortcomings.  It may be able to tell you where your worker is, but it won’t tell you how they are.