Annual Party Case Study

Ok Alone keeps a trucking company in touch with their staff on the move

We love hearing stories about our customers and how our system has helped them. Recently we heard the best story yet, our system saved somebody’s life! This is why we developed Ok Alone, so to say we were excited to hear this story is an understatement! To protect the privacy of those people involved, all …

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Five Ways to Evaluate your Lone Worker App

Five Ways to Evaluate your Lone Worker App

Lone worker apps come in many varieties. This short article provides five criteria to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular ones. The goal is to give you the tools to decide which lone worker app will work best for your organization. Safety Policy Your safety policy should be at the heart of …

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6 Tips for your Lone Worker Check In Procedure

In the Uk, Australia, New Zealand and Canadian provinces your employees must be monitored if they are working alone. Here are a few tips to help you, as an employer, to devise and establish a lone worker check in procedure. 1. Appoint a Monitor You can appoint an employee as a monitor – they can …

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GPS Technology Isn’t Enough | Lone Worker Safety

gps technology

Do you rely on GPS technology to keep in touch with lone workers?

You might not know that the first GPS satellite, Navstar 1, was launched way back on February 22, 1978. In 1983, after the USSR shot down a Korean passenger jet, the US government opened up GPS for civilian applications so that aircraft, transport and shipping could avoid drifting into restricted