Panic Buttons for Lone Workers from Ok Alone

The Ok Alone Lone Worker app has many great features, one of the most crucial is the Help Alert Panic Button.

What is a Help Alert Panic Button?

If you find yourself in a situation where you need someone to either come and help or call you immediately you can send a ‘help’ request from your phone. The simplest way is to tap the panic button on the app’s homescreen, which is a large button with ‘help’ on it.

The panic button/Help alert can also be used as a personal alarm even if you aren’t at work/on shift. If you find yourself in a worrying situation, all you do is go to the Ok Alone app, click ‘start shift’ followed immediately by tapping the panic button labelled ‘help’ and your alert will be sent to your monitor (even outside of work hours) or the live call centre.

How else can the Panic Button be Used?

This feature can even be used from your vehicle. Having your phone in a hands-free holder makes it a dash-mounted panic alarm! You can use the one touch help/panic button on the Ok Alone home screen, or if you have set up voice commands, you could even say “Hey Siri, Help” for iPhone or “Ok Google, ask Work Alone for Help” for Android.

Responding to a Panic Button Request

Using the panic button will give your supervisors, or a 24-hour call centre, real time alerts and notifications to let them know you are in trouble or require immediate assistance. The Ok Alone system will use its integrated GPS to give accurate worker locations for those who trigger a request.

What is the Ok Alone Lone Worker App

Ok Alone is a simple, easy to use lone worker solution that is downloaded onto a worker’s phone, so there is no need to buy additional devices. It offers peace of mind to lone workers by letting them know that if something happens (a help alert is sent or a check in is missed) someone in their company or at the Live Monitoring facility will be alerted.

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