Introducing the Learning Center – Lone Worker Safety Education

Here at Ok Alone we’ve always been deeply committed to ensuring your safety, but we also understand that getting to grips with a new system can sometimes be daunting. With this in mind, we’re pleased to introduce you to our latest development – the Learning Center! Why have we created the Learning Center? At Ok …

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Top 10 Questions about Ok Alone

Top 10 Questions about Ok Alone Here are the top 10 questions asked about Ok Alone. If your answer is not here, please check the FAQs or email us at [email protected]  HOW DOES THE OK ALONE SYSTEM WORK? There are two kinds of people who use Ok Alone. Workers, who are the lone workers that require …

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Ways to request help with Ok Alone

One of the best things about Ok Alone is the choices! You have so many options on whether to use features or not or if you even want them in the first place. Some choices can be made in advance but some choices will come down to the very second of the situation you find …

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How lone worker alerts play out in real life

While attending a talk on using technology to manage lone workers, one of the speakers talked about training workers by giving them a written scenario. Workers had to mark on the scenario when they would push the ‘help’ button on their lone worker app. The results were all compared and then discussed by those being …

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What is Lone Working and other Relevant Questions

A lot of people search on Google about lone working. People ask who lone workers are, what are the risks, how do they stay safe and much, much more. We decided to address all these questions and more – to help people learn about lone working and how to stay safe. Who are lone workers? …

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What is a Lone Worker Policy and other Questions

Lone worker policy

Ok Alone is one of the highest-rated lone worker solutions around and because of this, we get asked lots of questions from and about lone workers. A lot of people also search on Google about lone working. People ask who lone workers are, what are the risks of lone working, how do they stay safe …

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How the Ok Alone Lone Worker System Works

The Ok Alone system should be simple to understand and use. Meaning that it can easily be deployed to workers and once it is setup there is minimal on going maintenance. Here is a useful diagram explaining how the Ok Alone lone worker system works: Worker – Person working alone Monitor – Person who receives message that Worker is having a problem. Monitors take remedial action based on the Escalation …

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How Lone Workers Use Ok Alone to Stay Safe

How workers use OK Alone to stay safe

We are always looking for better ways to explain how Ok Alone works. We have always aimed to keep our lone worker app and system simple to understand and operate. This image shows how the Ok Alone lone worker safety solution is used by lone workers. With the Ok Alone system, any worker can be …

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Delivery Logistics Company Case Study

Integrating check-in and man-down lone worker safety features using the Lone Worker Api A leading delivery company approached OK Alone looking for a system to ensure driver safety both inside and outside of their delivery vehicles. Existing asset trackers were part of the solution by providing the location of the delivery vehicle, but did little …

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Setting up an Escalation Procedure with Ok Alone

Using the Ok Alone escalation procedure wizard

Within the Ok Alone site ( is a system to help you create clear and informative instructions for your staff or call centre operators to follow. The Escalation Procedure Wizard is designed to make the process of setting up your worker’s individual procedures as easy as possible. What should I focus on for my Escalation …

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The Ok Alone Guide to Escalation Procedures for Lone Workers

Holding a lone worker app

The Purpose of This Guide Most health and safety laws include a special category for those who work on their own. These people are referred to as Lone Workers. A Lone Worker can be defined as a worker that is in isolation from other workers without close or direct supervision. Working alone is not a …

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