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Ok Alone offers employee safety monitoring and protects your lone workers. Our lone worker app, with man down, automatically reminds staff when they miss a check-in, monitors their location and enables your workers to tell Ok Alone they are going into a high risk situation.

Ok Alone is the perfect low-cost lone worker system to ensure workers complete each shift safely. The all in one solution is a simple, safe worker app (which doesn’t require additional clunky hardware) that connects workers with a supervisor who monitors their health and well-being.


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Tell me more about Ok Alone

When Ok Alone got started our first customer was in home health care and we’ve since innovated to expand across a broad range of sectors that need lone worker protection. We now provide lone worker solutions to industries and companies all over the world.

At every step of our journey, we’ve listened to customers. In our online Dashboard, there is a prominent ‘Feature Request’ button and every major update has been driven by customer-submitted update requests. Customers choose Ok Alone because we listen to them and we provide tools to help keep their lone workers safe, by making it easier and more affordable. 

Because we listen to our customers, we are proud to have the top-rated lone worker app in both the Google Play and Apple App stores.

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What our Customers Say about Ok Alone

Still unsure about whether to sign up? Here are some testimonials from our customers.

Highest Rated Lone Worker App​

Ok Alone has some of the best app reviews for lone worker apps. In fact, we have the highest rated on both app stores.

Why Ok Alone is the Best Lone Worker App

Ok Alone is the best lone worker app. It’s the perfect, low-cost, employee safety monitoring solution. 

Popular features of Ok Alone

Here are some of the most popular features you can use to keep your lone workers safe:

Flexible Check-Ins

Ok Alone has a flexible count down timer that can be set for different periods of time. If they miss a check in then their monitors will be alerted. Shorter high risk check-ins can also be set by the worker if entering a dangerous area.

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Location Monitoring

Our app provides GPS tracking that records a worker’s real-time location. The employee monitoring can then be used to find them in an emergency. The entire shifts location can be recorded and viewed by monitors in the online dashboard.

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Panic/Help Alarm Button

Our Help Button enables the worker to request help in case of an emergency. It can also be activated using voice commands or using a “discrete” mode. Monitors will be alerted immediately and be provided with the worker’s location and their escalation procedure.

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Cloud-Based Dashboard

Our cloud-based dashboard puts the employer in complete control of mobile lone worker protection. The statuses and locations of workers can be easily seen in one place. The online dashboard allows employee safety to be monitored from anywhere.

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Lone Worker Apps

Our top rated and popular smartphone app for iPhone and Android has a simple, clean design making it quick to deploy and easy to support. We also have a Microsoft app for desktop users and office based workers.

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Man Down/Worker Down

Our man/worker down feature helps keep your lone workers even safer. Man down in the smartphone app monitors a lone worker’s movement. If the worker stops moving and then does not respond to messages their Monitors will be alerted. 


iPhone App

Our iPhone app is available to download from the Apple App Store.

Android App

Our Android app can be downloaded from the Google Play Store.

Microsoft App

Our desktop app can be downloaded from the Microsoft app store.

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How Lone Workers Use Ok Alone to Stay Safe

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