Ok Alone Integration with ADP Workforce Now®

Ok Alone’s safety monitoring app protects employees and lone workers. It improves worker safety monitoring with location tracking, real-time emergency alerts and lone worker features for staff on a user-friendly smartphone app.

Location tracking with our smartphone app provides complete workforce visibility with a website and cloud-based dashboard that can be used on pc, laptop, tablet or any smartphone. 

Ok Alone supports and simplifies moving from manual to automated safety monitoring. Easy rollout with our integration from ADP® to Ok Alone gets staff using Ok Alone in just a few clicks. 

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Seamless Integration with ADP – Worker Location Monitoring for your HR Solution

Reasons to choose Ok Alone integrated with ADP Workforce Now

Features And Benefits of Ok Alone

Lone worker app features

Monitor Employee Safety

Keep your staff safe with our easy-to-use worker safety monitoring app. Manage workers in our online dashboard and get an audit of all shift actions including alerts and locations.

Lone worker app features

Demonstrate Compliance

Be assured you are following regulatory compliance and lone worker legislation & policy. Our solution has many customisable features to make sure you have the tools you need to follow legislation and keep employees safe.

Lone worker app features

Simplify Safety Monitoring Roll-Out

Ok Alone simplifies moving from manual to automated safety monitoring. Easy rollout with our integration with ADP, get staff using Ok Alone with just a few clicks.

Lone worker app features

Worker Location Monitoring

GPS monitoring gives an employee's real-time location throughout their shift. Get an overview of all worker locations at any time and easily find workers in an emergency. There are a number of settings available to workers depending on the accuracy required.

Lone worker app features

Safety Monitoring Dashboard

The cloud-based monitoring dashboard gives a clear, detailed map of the area each worker is in. This will allow supervisors to have precise coordinates to send help to if a worker misses a check-in or requires emergency services.

Lone worker app features

Man Down/Worker Down

With our man/worker down alarm and monitoring, you can be alerted if a worker stops moving. Ok Alone sends for help when an injured person can’t.

Lone worker app features

Microsoft and Web App

Working at a desktop? Download our lone-worker app from the Microsoft store or run it from any modern web browser.

Lone worker app features

Protect Lone Workers

The lone worker app with man/worker down automatically reminds staff when they miss a check-in, monitors their location and it enables your workers to tell Ok Alone they are going into a high-risk situation.

Lone worker app features

Automate Monitor Alerts 24/7

If a worker needs help, Ok Alone will automatically contact the monitors via email, SMS or phone call. Alerts are easy to understand and contain a map and the information required to respond and resolve the situation.

Lone worker app features

Seamless Integration with ADP

Easily import users from ADP into Ok Alone as monitors or workers and get them started with their lone worker protection in a few clicks. Monitors can login to the Ok Alone dashboard at any time using their ADP account.

Lone worker app features

Worker Safety App for iPhone and Android

Our free app can be downloaded on both iPhone and Android and used by employees to stay safe. The app includes a number of features including timed check ins, man down detection and high risk check ins.

Lone worker app features

Automated Worker Check In Timer

A vital aspect of any solution is a flexible countdown time. Rapidly adapt to changing situations during a shift. Workers can reduce the check in time when they go into an area of high risk.

Lone worker app features

Lone Worker Panic/Help Button

The app has an easy-to-use help button which will send a help signal directly to monitors. Help can also be requested by SMS, phone call or by one of our other integrations.

Lone worker app features

Lone Worker Scheduling

Schedule your workers’ shifts by importing ADP schedules and automatically send reminders to workers to remind them to start their lone-worker monitoring.

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