Desktop On Screen Panic Button for Lone Workers

Imagine you’re at work in your office. You’re having a meeting with one of your clients. The client is getting angrier and angrier. They stand up between you and the door. No one can hear what is happening. The client knocks your phone off the desk.

What are you going to do?

You’re going to discreetly move your mouse to the OK Alone icon on your bottom task bar and click ‘Help’. 

Desktop Lone Worker Solution

For people who work alone either at a desk or behind a counter, the desktop version of the Ok Alone lone worker system is perfect.

The solution allows regular check ins that let supervisors know staff are fine throughout their shifts. A simple to use panic button to request immediate help connects employees to support workers. The app can also be set to the high risk setting if staff are having face to face meetings while alone.

Staff Who Work Alone

Having an easy to use, discreet to activate, on-screen panic button offers protection to workers across many industries:

  • Education – alert others to class based incidents, injury or behaviour issues without leaving the room and the children
  • Retail – get help to the shop floor from a back office or off site (summon mall security)
  • Hotel reception – get help from the back of house or management offices
  • Bank manager –  get help from others on site when alone with a customer in their office
  • Working from home – alert others to a medical emergency, intruder or violent client
  • Dentist/Doctor’s receptionist – get help from other staff with aggressive or unwell patients

Simple On Screen Panic Buttons

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The Ok Alone app available to download from the Microsoft store.

To sign up to Ok Alone and create an account visit The Ok Alone Desktop App can then be found in the Microsoft store and downloaded for free. 

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The Ok Alone icon shown on the bottom task bar.

Staff can start a shift, minimise the window and have the icon open on the task bar at the bottom of their screen. This makes the app accessible all day from their pc or laptop while they work. When the reminder alert sounds workers can use the desktop window to check in, with minimal disruption, letting supervisors know they are all right.

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What the worker will see on their pc/laptop/tablet screen.

If there is an emergency situation, it only takes two clicks of the mouse to access immediate help from a designated monitor either inhouse or based in a call centre. The on-screen app connects to a cloud-based dashboard that allows a supervisor to monitor the well being of their workers and be able to send support to their precise location, if a worker is in distress, getting them the help they desperately need. 

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