Protect your Lone Workers with a ZOLEO Satellite Device and Ok Alone

Ok Alone strives to be able to help keep workers safe in all circumstances, including when lone workers are in areas without cell service.

Ok Alone has Partnered with ZOLEO

We have partnered with ZOLEO to provide an option for workers to use their satellite device to help stay safe, no matter where they are on the planet.

    • ZOLEO sends and receives messages via the Iridium global satellite network when you’re outside of mobile coverage.

    • The ZOLEO app seamlessly messages via mobile network or Wi-Fi when it’s available. You’ll never miss a message even if your ZOLEO device isn’t on.
    Ok Alone integrates with Zoleo to provide lone worker protection

    The ZOLEO and Ok Alone Integration

    ZOLEO Satellite devices can now be linked directly to Ok Alone worker profiles. This means location updates, check-ins and any SOS requests will appear in the Ok Alone Dashboard.

    You can also set pre-defined messages to easily start a shift, check-in, send a high-risk check in and end a shift with your ZOLEO app and device.

    After every status update with Ok Alone you will get an SMS to your ZOLEO device confirming your current status and when the next check-in is due.

    The Location Share+ Integration

    All location data from ZOLEO can now be sent directly to the Ok Alone dashboard. Meaning you have a full record of worker shifts in one place and will always get an updated location for any emergencies.

    Use the Ok Alone app and ZOLEO Device together

    Our integration means that a worker can use our lone worker app for day-to-day monitoring and switch to the ZOLEO device any time they move into a remote area.

    protect remote lone workers with ok alone and zoleo satellite

    ZOLEO Features for lone workers:

    ZOLEO device for lone workers

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