Lone Worker Safety for Municipal/Government Workers

There are many different roles people can have when working for their local government or municipality. Working face to face with the public, working remotely off site or carrying out maintenance, staff often find themselves alone for all or part of their day. One way of improving the safety of local authority workers is to use a lone worker safety system

Lone workers require a solution that ensures they have round the clock safety monitoring, automated check-ins and precise GPS locations in case of emergency.

Lone Worker Safety for Municipal Government Workers dashboard

Lone Worker Monitoring

Easily see the location and status of your council workers on our cloud-based dashboard. View alerts, actions and any issues efficiently in one place, on any device. 

Employers can manage 100’s of workers in different departments and at various locations from one device. They will get automated alerts regarding any problems workers may have.

safe worker app dashboard

High Risk Check In

The high risk check in is adjusted by the workers themselves if they go into a situation they deem more unpredictable than normal.

If there is no reponse to the shorter check-in notification, monitors will be alerted to investigate. 

high risk municipal lone worker

Help Alerts

Make sure government workers are protected at all times with our panic button and help alerts. A discreet alert option is also available.

Monitors are immediately notified of alerts and help requests, including the GPS co-ordinates of the worker’s last know location, so there can be a quick response to any situation.

municipal lone worker help button

Helping Municipal Workers Stay Safe

Ok Alone is used by local government workers all over the world to stay safe in many departments including:

  • waste management
  • parks and facilities
  • water and utilities
  • community care
  • transportation

Our flexible solution has a range of features including; timed check ins, man down alerts, high risk check ins and location monitoring. Ok Alone can easily be adapted to cover your lone worker protection needs and legislation.

lone worker municipalities

Ok Alone covers all of these needs and more:

What our Clients Say about Ok Alone

Easy to Use and Cost Effective

We love the Ok Alone working alone solution. It allows us full control of our working alone protocols with an easy to use and cost effective solution.

With the support of the OK Alone App, we can ensure that our employees stay in contact and are safe at all times.

Athabasca County, Alberta, Canada

Ok Alone Met All Our Needs

I contacted the OK Alone team after hearing of them from a partnering municipality who was pleased with their service. At the time we were shopping around for a service which could provide working alone options at a reasonable price.

OK Alone met all our needs, providing the service we wanted at an affordable price. I have happily referred other municipalities to their service.

Town of Morinville, Alberta, Canada

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Ok Alone subscriptions are within the budget of even the most cost-conscious organisation. With no set-up fees or long term contracts, you can quickly be up and running for as little as $8/£7 per person per month.  Why not create your own personalised quote now?

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