Lone Worker System Api from Ok Alone

Integrating lone worker protection into your existing application just got easier. 

Why develop a whole new lone worker system for your app when you can use our simple rest api to manage your work alone protection in your existing systems.

Lone worker api integration with node js

How to Integrate our Api

Our lone worker Api is easy to integrate into your exisiting application.

Using our simple RESTful API our functionality is available to integrate into your software today.

View our APi on Swagger

We also have a management dashboard developed in Angular which can be added to your system if it is supported. We also have the tools available for you to build your own.

Why you need a Lone Worker App for Check Ins

Who can use the Lone Worker Api?​

There are a wide range of integrations possible with the Ok Alone lone worker api.

Some examples are hotel management systems, delivery driver monitoring, trucking dispatch systems and crm systems.

If you need lone worker protection in your app or system, then we believe integrating with Ok Alone is the easiest way.

Check in with Ok Alone lone worker app

What can I do with the Api?

Our work alone api is all about keeping your workers safe at all times.

In it’s simplest form, the api allows workers to start their shift, check in, request help and send their location.

We have a count down timer, high risk check ins, man down alerts and much more, which can all be integrated into your existing application.

Want to use our Api?

To start using our API we just need to set you up with a free trial account.

To find out more about how you can integrate our api please fill in the form below and one of our team will be in touch.