Use Your Voice to Check in Whilst Lone Working

Did you know that you can activate Ok Alone using only your voice when working alone in a vehicle, working on the move or any time you need to be hands free? The latest version of our Ok Alone lone worker app offers voice activation so you can use voice commands to update your Ok Alone status wherever you are and whatever you’re doing.

What are Voice Commands?

Voice commands allow you to use your voice to initiate actions on your smartphone, such as sending an SMS, making a phone call or playing music. Any user of Ok Alone with an iPhone or an Android phone with Google Assistant can now easily start a shift, check in or get help – all by using their voice, completely hands free.

How Does Ok Alone Work with Voice Commands?

When you have installed Ok Alone and registered your account using your Worker ID, you will be able to set up voice commands. If you are using Siri you can set up shortcuts that allow you to Open Ok Alone, Start your shift, Check In, Get Help or End your Shift. All you need to do is set up a voice command for each action and you’re ready to go.

For Android phones you can use Google Assistant. You will need to sync your Gmail account with your Ok Alone account. Once you have done this you will be able to Start your shift, Check In, Request your status, Get Help or End your Shift. This is all done through the voice commands of ‘Ask Work Alone….’ followed by the task you wish to complete, for example ‘Ask Work Alone to start my shift’.

Why use hands free?

This feature allows workers to use their voice to perform actions on the Ok Alone lone worker app.
Being hands free is a huge benefit to those who drive for work. It allows workers to check in without having to touch their phone. This means their eyes don’t leave the road, their hands stay on the wheel and they don’t risk causing an accident or getting a ticket for using a phone whist driving!

There are many other occupations that could benefit from having hands free check in capabilities

  • Those who work in forestry and may be half-way up a tree felling branches
  • People working in labs who are mid experiment and cannot put down their equipment
  • Someone on a farm driving an ATV to round up sheep or cattle
  • An Engineer up a ladder installing an air conditioning unit
  • Plumbers part way through removing a section of pipe

All of these people are unable to click a button on their phone. All of these people are unable to get help from someone close by. All of these people would benefit from being able to use voice commands to get the help they need or check in and say they are all right.

To learn more about this amazing feature go to Ok Alone’s website

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