Lone Worker App and Safety Monitoring

Are you affected by lone worker regulations and want to ensure your staff’s safety when working alone? Discover how our cost-effective lone worker app and safety monitoring solution can simplify and enhance your safety management process.

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Key Features and Solutions for Lone Worker Safety with Ok Alone

Explore Ok Alone’s lone worker app, a cornerstone of safety for isolated workers. Our app ensures real-time monitoring and quick emergency responses. Coupled with our ‘Man Down‘ feature, it automatically alerts in case of extended inactivity, enhancing safety and peace of mind. 

Ok Alone’s solution extends robust safety features with real-time location monitoring. Our lone worker solution also monitors worker status, ensuring timely intervention in critical situations. Trust Ok Alone for comprehensive safety monitoring and reliable worker protection.

#1 Rated Lone Worker App

Ok Alone is the #1 rated lone worker app on both the Google Play Store and Apple App Store. Our users value the reliability and the ease of use of our lone worker solution.

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What is a Lone Worker App

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Ensure Your People Are Safe 24/7

Your team can quickly check-in from anywhere using our lone worker smartphone app, by SMS text, by phoning in on an office or home phone or having Ok Alone call them. Ok Alone alerts your monitors to missed check-ins with emails, phone calls, SMS messages or whichever combination works best for you. 

Our safe worker app also includes man down and high risk check ins. Don’t have any monitors available yourself? The Ok Alone 24/7 call center will escalate missed check-ins or help requests according to your instructions.

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Know Where Your Team Are, Even When Your Workers Are On The Move

Ok Alone’s lone worker app uses GPS location technology to offer real-time location monitoring. This ensures you can quickly locate your team, especially in emergencies, providing a sense of security for both management and staff. The app’s straightforward interface and reliable tracking simplify workforce management, regardless of the distance.

Our lone worker app monitors your team’s movements and offers daily reports. These insights help confirm staff locations, fostering a culture of accountability and efficiency. Ok Alone’s solution is an essential tool for any organization prioritizing safety and streamlined operations.

24/7 Live Operator and Automated Alert Monitoring

Our monitoring service includes a 24/7 call center that efficiently handles your missed check-ins and help requests when your designated monitors aren’t available. Additionally, we now offer advanced automated alert monitoring to ensure continuous, reliable supervision. You have full control over the activation of Live Monitoring and Automated Alert Monitoring, allowing you to tailor the service to your needs and significantly reduce costs.

Why choose Ok Alone as your Lone Worker Protection

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Improved Safety

Ok Alone has a range of features, including real-time GPS tracking and panic buttons, that help keep employees safe and secure when working alone.

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Reduced Costs

By reducing the likelihood of accidents, injuries, and incidents, businesses can save money on insurance and compensation claims.

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Peace of Mind

Employees who work alone can feel vulnerable and isolated. Using a our lone worker solution can provide peace of mind, knowing that help is always available if needed.

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Increased Productivity

When employees feel safe and secure, they are more productive. Ok Alone helps reduce stress and anxiety, allowing employees to focus on their work.

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Improved Communication

Ok Alone provides a full audit-trail of actions between employees and their supervisors, ensuring that any issues or concerns can be addressed quickly and efficiently.

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Enhanced Reputation

By prioritizing the safety and well-being of their employees, businesses can enhance their reputation as a responsible and caring employer.

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Legal Compliance

Employers have a duty of care to protect their employees, and failure to do so can result in legal action. By using Ok Alone, businesses can ensure they are meeting their legal obligations.

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Quick Access to Emergency Assistance

In the event of an incident or emergency, our lone worker app provides quick and easy access to emergency assistance.

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Incident Reporting

Ok Alone allows employees to report incidents easily and quickly. This can help businesses identify potential risks and improve safety procedures.


Lone Worker App

Our top rated lone worker app is available on Android phones and iPhones anywhere in the world.


OK Alone Dashboard

Protect and monitor your lone workers and employee safety efficiently using the secure cloud-based online dashboard.


Panic/Help Button

Easily raise an alarm to request help in case of an emergency. Monitors will be alerted immediately with the worker's location and escalation procedure.


Real-Time GPS Location Monitoring

GPS location monitoring offers real-time updates on the worker's location throughout their shift, enhancing overall safety measures.


Flexible Check-ins

A flexible countdown timer for check-ins can be set to suit the risk level of the work being carried out.


High Risk Check Ins

Workers can reduce the check in time when they go into an area of high risk.


Handsfree Voice Updates

Check in and update your status hands free when driving or at anytime with Siri or Google Assistant.


Man Down Protection

Our man down alarm alerts monitors automatically if a worker becomes non-responsive over a set period after a slip, trip or fall.


24/7 Automated Emergency Alerts

Automated alerts are sent to designated monitors if a worker misses a check-in or activates a help alarm, prompting a swift response.


Automated Alert Loops

Alert loops are an automated system that cycles through a set list of Monitors until one of them accepts responsibility for resolving the alert.


After Hours Monitoring

Tailor your escalation procedures to contact designated monitors outside of normal business hours.


Enterprise Features

Let Ok Alone help your large organization comply with duty of care regulations with our enterprise features.


24/7 Call Center

With the live monitoring service you get real people following your instructions 24/7/365 days a year.


Global Safety Awards Program

An engaging way to stay safe, while using the lone worker system to compete with colleagues and companies across the world.

Who we Protect

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Lone Worker Integrations

Ok Alone has established various integrations to enhance the safety and efficiency of lone workers. Our integrations are designed to create a seamless and comprehensive safety solution.

Key integrations include:

  • Microsoft SSO (Single Sign-On): Monitors can log in to the Ok Alone dashboard using their Microsoft login.

  • ZOLEO Satellite Devices: Partnering with ZOLEO, we offer satellite device connectivity to ensure worker safety in remote locations without cell coverage.

  • Hands-Free Operation: For increased safety and convenience, we support hands-free operation using Siri and Google Assistant.

  • Lone Worker API: Our flexible API allows for the customization and integration of our solution with various systems and devices, enhancing adaptability and functionality.

Ok Alone is trusted by FP500 companies, SMBs and Charities to protect their workforce

“We love the Ok Alone working alone solution. It allows us full control of our working alone protocols with an easy to use and cost effective solution. With the support of the OK Alone App, we can ensure that our employees stay in contact and are safe at all times.”

Norm De Wet, Athabasca County

Improving safety for employees who drive for work, from Ok Alone

Case Study: How Ok Alone Saved a Lone Worker's Life

Ok Alone, a leading lone worker safety solution, is known for its impactful role in ensuring the safety and well-being of lone workers across various industries. A compelling case that highlights the effectiveness of Ok Alone’s system involves a lone worker whose life was saved thanks to the system’s alert and monitoring capabilities.

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