Lone Worker App and Safety Monitoring lone worker app and safety monitoring

What is a Lone Worker App?

A lone worker app allows lone workers to check in regularly and send alerts to request help if they are in difficulty. It may also monitor their location in case of emergency.

Low Cost Lone Worker App & Monitoring

Are you affected by work alone regulations and want to be certain your lone workers are safe? Do you also want to minimize your costs and the time it takes to monitor their safety?

If this sounds like your situation, then Ok Alone™ is a great solution as your lone worker safety monitoring system.

Ok Alone automatically reminds staff if a lone worker misses a check-in. It sends you their GPS location and lets your people set special check-ins for high risk situations. If you want 24/7 live monitoring, it does that too. Our app now has man down movement detection available.

With Ok Alone you get professional protection at an affordable price – only $5.00/£4.00 per person per month (volume discounts available)

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Working from Home?

Lots of lone workers are now working from home. We have some tips and advice for you.  Read more about working from home…

Why choose Ok Alone monitoring and reporting?

Low monthly subscription – 5 person plans start at $5/£4/€5 per person
No upfront fees – No long term contracts
24/7 – 365 day call centre/live monitoring
Turn live monitoring on or off as you need it
Man down monitors lone worker movement
Save time – Automate your manual check-ins
 Invest in your people – show them you care
Our smartphone app works on a range of iPhone and Android devices
Know where your lone workers are with GPS locating
Demonstrate compliance with work alone regulations
Ensure your written lone worker safety policies are followed – every time
Hear reminder alarms for missed check-ins
 Reliable – Ok Alone is always working, day or night
Man down on iPhone apps and Android Apps
Start using your Ok Alone system in minutes
Use an app, telephone or sms to check-in
Check in and update your status hands free when driving or at anytime
Help alerts allow you workers to get help when they are in difficulty
Get Ok Alone to call you when it’s time to check-in
Start shift reminders let you worker know they need to start lone worker monitoring
High Risk check-in feature puts your worker’s in control
Prove your team is where they are supposed to be to your customers
Minimize interuptions –
Ok Alone calls workers before bothering you
Online billing and performance reports – free of charge
Free updates,
add workers and change email or phone numbers at no cost
Our lone worker Api is easy to integrate into your exisiting application.
NEW: CHECK-IN BY VOICE USING Amazon’s Alexa, Siri on iPhone or Google Assistant using our hands free features

What is Ok Alone?

Download our brochure about our work alone solution and find out more about how Ok Alone can keep your lone workers safe. 

What is Ok Alone pdf

Lone Worker System Api

Integrating lone worker protection into your existing application just got easier. 

Why develop a whole new lone worker system for your app when you can use our simple  api to manage your work alone protection in your existing systems.

Ensure Your People Are Safe

Your team can quickly check-in wherever using our lone worker smartphone app, by SMS text, by phoning in on an office or home phone or having Ok Alone call them. Ok Alone alerts your monitors to missed check-ins with emails, phone calls, sms messages or whichever combination works best for you. Don’t have any monitors available yourself? The Ok Alone 24/7 call centre will escalate missed check-ins or help requests according to your instructions.

one worker safety monitoring app
Ok ALone lone working app and system

Know Where Your Team Are, Even When Your Workers Are On The Move

The Ok Alone lone worker app uses GPS positioning to pinpoint where your staff are, even when they are on the move. This makes it easy to find them quickly in an emergency. The daily location report also shows you where they have been, which can be used to confirm to your customers, your team are where they are supposed to be.

24/7 Live Operator Monitoring, As You Need It

Our 24/7 call centre deals with your missed check-ins and help requests when your monitors aren’t available. But you control when you want Live Monitoring to be on or off. This control significantly reduces your costs.

lone worker live monitoring
work alone costs

Minimize Your Work Alone Costs​

Don't spend any more than you have to on your work alone app & safety monitoring. Ok Alone gives you everything you need, just as much as you need, at a lower cost than any similar system. Complete packages for up to five workers start at just $25/£20 month, that’s $5/£4 per person. If you’ve got a larger work force, the per worker price falls from there.

work alone safety procedures

Be In Control Of Your Safety Procedures​

Because every job is different, Ok Alone lets you create a unique escalation and check-in procedure for each lone worker. You control how to reach them, how often they need to check-in and how missed check-ins or help requests are escalated and resolved. It’s all very easy to manage from within your Ok Alone online account.​

Prairie Tech Oilfield Services testimonial for lone worker monitoring

Kaitlin Orr Safety Coordinator, Prairie Tech Oilfield Services

I really don't know which is my favourite feature, but the high risk check-in is right up there! The system is flexible and accommodates different types of employees. Issues are bound to happen, but I love how promptly they get fixed.

Norm De Wet, Athabasca County testimonial for lone worker monitoring

Norm De Wet, Athabasca County

We love the Ok Alone working alone solution. It allows us full control of our working alone protocols with an easy to use and cost effective solution. With the support of the OK Alone App, we can ensure that our employees stay in contact and are safe at all times.