What is the Comms Plan?

The Ok Alone system offers a full lone worker solution with our Worker Plan, however some companies need extra features to contact workers and manage alerts. These are available in our Communications Plan, also known as the Comms Plan.

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Alert Loops

Alert Loops is an ‘automated’ version of the escalation procedure. All Monitors for a worker are set up to be alerted in an automated, timed sequence, which loops back to the start of the sequence again if no one accepts the alert.  Alert Loops are now a popular alternative to a call centre – automating the alert process to avoid human error with a full audit trail.

Out of Hours Monitoring

Our Out of Hours Alert service lets you choose different monitors that should be alerted if the alert occurs out of normal business hours. For those workers who need protection outside of normal business hours.

Worker Check In Reminders

A grace period is activated after a check in is missed, this gives the worker a chance to check in before an alert is sent out. If the grace period expires the alert will be sent to the Monitor. As part of the Comms Plan workers can be sent Check in reminders, so they remember to check in and reduce possible false alerts. The multiple reminders can be sent as SMS, WhatsApp message or an auto-voice call.

Start & End Shift Reminders

Workers can also have reminders to start and end their shifts as part of the Comms Plan. Monitors can also be sent an alert if a worker missed their start/end shift reminder.
A start shift reminder sends a worker an SMS or email to remind them to start their shift. This means that you can make sure they’re being monitored when they are working.
End shift reminders send the worker an SMS or email if they have not ended their shift on time. This reduces the missed check in alerts that can occur when a worker forgets to end their shift on time.

Send an SMS message to all Workers

If you need to contact all of your workers simultaneously – such as in an emergency. You can send a message via SMS using this feature. The message can be sent to all workers, those on shift and also specific groups.

Automated Status Reply

Accounts with the Comms plan can now get an automated reply with the worker’s current status once they send in an SMS. Every time a worker updates their status via SMS or satellite phone – Ok Alone will reply with their current shift status information.

Adding the Comms Plan

The Comms plan can be added in the ‘Your Account’ area on the Ok Alone dashboard. The cost is £4/$4 per worker per month and you are not tied into any long term contracts.

All Comms plan features are subject to our fair use policy.

Comparison Chart of the Worker and Comms Plans