24/7 Safety Monitoring for Lone Workers

Ok Alone’s 24/7 safety monitoring for Lone Workers offers an unparalleled layer of protection, enabling lone workers to perform regular check-ins through the app. Thus ensuring swift action through automated alerts to designated monitors if a check-in is missed or an emergency situation arises.

This comprehensive system extends safety monitoring beyond simple check-ins, incorporating features like real-time location tracking, and man-down alerts guaranteeing continuous monitoring and immediate response any time of day.

It’s a robust solution designed to give both workers and employers peace of mind, knowing that safety is always a priority and help is just a button press away, ensuring a safer work environment around the clock.

24-7 lone worker monitoring

Safety Monitroing Options for Lone Workers

Ok Alone’s 24/7 Safety Monitoring options are designed to provide round-the-clock protection and support for lone workers.

Automated Monitor Alerts

These alerts are automatically sent to designated monitors when a worker misses a check-in, activates a help button, or triggers the worker down feature.

Missed Start/End Shift Alerts

Notifications are sent if a worker fails to start or end their shift as scheduled, indicating potential issues or deviations from the plan.

After Hours Monitoring

Tailor your escalation procedures to contact designated monitors outside of normal business hours.

Alert Loops

Involves a sequence of alerts to multiple monitors in a pre-defined order, ensuring that if one monitor doesn’t respond, the next one in the loop is notified.

Call Center Monitoring

Offers an option to integrate with a professional call center, where trained staff can respond to alerts and emergencies, providing an additional layer of monitoring and support.

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Why you Should choose Ok Alone's Lone Working App

Ok Alone is the perfect low-cost safe worker app to ensure workers safely complete each shift. The all in one solution is a simple app (which doesn’t require additional chunky hardware) to connect workers with a supervisor who monitors their health and well-being.

The Ok Alone system has a wide range of features designed to make staff working remotely feel safer. An automated countdown timer, as required by work alone legislation and the duty of care, will remind an employee to check in using either the smartphone app, SMS or phone call. Other features like Man/Worker down detection and high-risk check ins give staff an increased sense of security. 

A unique feature of the Ok Alone solution is its ability to be used completely hands-free with voice commands. Android or iPhone verbal short cuts can be programmed into the app, allowing workers to start shifts, check in and most importantly, request help without touching their phone.

There is no upfront investment or long term contract required as accounts run month to month giving employees and employers peace of mind for as long as it is needed.

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