Does panic button software keep office workers safer?

Yes! Panic button software can significantly contribute to keeping office workers safer. A desktop  on-screen panic button is designed to provide employees with a quick and discreet way to request immediate assistance in emergency situations. While some people who work in office buildings may not consider themselves lone workers, being isolated in an office meeting face to face with clients or staying after hours can make you as vulnerable as those working in remote locations.

Benefits of panic button software to office based staff

Here are some ways panic button software can enhance office worker safety:

Rapid response:

A computer based panic button enables office workers to quickly notify designated personnel, such as security teams or supervisors/management, about a potential threat or emergency. This immediate response can help minimize the time between the start of an incident and the arrival of assistance, improving overall employee safety.

Discreet activation:

Panic buttons can be discreetly activated allowing employees to trigger an alarm without drawing attention to themselves or escalating a situation. This is particularly crucial in situations where alerting others openly may put individuals at further risk.

GPS tracking:

Many panic button software solutions include GPS tracking capabilities, which enable responders to pinpoint the exact location of the distress signal. In an office building environment when a help request is activated by a staff member their supervisor is be able to see who has requested help. The information box on their Worker info page can have listed what floor and exactly where that person is located.

Centralized monitoring and reporting:

Panic button software typically includes a centralized monitoring system that allows designated personnel to receive and manage distress signals efficiently. This can be through a call-centre or supervisors and managers in-house. This approach ensures that alerts are not missed or overlooked, and appropriate actions can be taken promptly by the correct people.

Enhanced safety protocols:

Introducing panic button software often means the development or review of safety policies and protocols and emergency response plans. This process encourages organizations to establish clear procedures for handling different types of emergencies, ensuring a more comprehensive approach to office worker safety.


While panic button software is an effective tool for those working on their own or in close contact with the public, it should be part of a broader security strategy that includes other preventive measures, training programs, and risk assessments. Additionally, if you have home based staff (office workers who are off-site) it is helpful to use a system, like Ok Alone, that also has employee safety monitoring capabilities such as; allowing employees to check in throughout the day at pre-established times.

Ok Alone is available across many devices, from laptops to Smartphones.

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