Lone Worker App & Safety Monitoring available in Spanish

¡Maravillosas noticias, Ok Alone ahora está disponible en español!

Ok Alone, the lone worker safety monitoring app, is now available in Spanish. The app will detect the language being used on a phone (from English, Spanish or French) and automatically change the text within the app to be the same.

Companies that use Ok Alone have their own cloud-based dashboard where they can see their workers and monitor their safety. The dashboard will also change automatically to the language being used on the computer (English, Spanish or French). This can be changed manually by a Monitor too if they have a preference that differs from the language being used.

Ok Alone Features

All of the fantastic features of Ok Alone are available in Spanish on both the phone app or desktop app. This gives workers access to flexible check in times, options of how to request help, man/worker down protection, high-risk check ins, GPS locations, start and end shift notifications and more.

Monitors have many features they can use to enhance their staff’s safety such as; grouping workers, various escalation procedure options, real time reports, GPS location maps, mass communication SMS and more.

Try before you buy

Although we don’t have any long term contracts at Ok Alone we think it’s a good idea to try a product before you buy it. We have free trials so staff members can use the app to see how easy it is and make sure it is a good fit for their company. If you would like to start a free trial please click here.

¡Muchas gracias por tu tiempo!

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