Job Roles – Common Questions and Answers

Our team at Ok Alone work with lots of different people, in lots of different roles within a company. We get asked a lot of questions too. We thought it would be helpful to answer the common questions we are asked by breaking them down into who they apply to. 

Have a look through and if you still have any queries email us at [email protected]

CEO Director


As the head of a company you are responsible for the safety of your lone workers. Ok Alone wants to help you keep them safe. 

Operations Manager

Let Ok Alone help keep everything on track by automating your check ins and showing where your staff are in an emergency.

Safety Officer cropped

Safety Officer

Use engagement to create a safe work environment in which your lone working staff thrive with Ok Alone!

Ofsted Guidelines for Lone Working in Schools

Human Resources Manager

Let Ok Alone’s automation and reports make your job easier. Update your lone worker policies with Ok Alone’s help. 

Privacy Manager

Work with Ok Alone to ensure your company is compliant with all lone worker regulations and their data is secure.

IT Manager

Ok Alone can help implement it’s lone worker solution into existing systems to make it even easier to use.



Ok Alone developed its simple, straightforward solution to keep lone workers like you safe! 

Ok Alone saves lone workers life