Protect your Lone Workers with a Spot Device and Ok Alone

Works with Ok Alone

The Spot Satellite Devices from Globalstar can be used together with Ok Alone to help keep lone workers safe. Spot devices use both GPS and Globalstar’s own satellites to transmit locations and messages.

They offer different levels of service plans, but each supported device works well with Ok Alone; a favourite of ours is the Spot X. This is because the Spot X can communicate not just through the phone’s GPS and simple data but can send and receive SMS communications for a more thorough connection to our system.

Spot X features for Lone Workers:

  • Has a resistance rating of IP67 for impact, water, & dust
  • Allows a range of tracking options for accuracy and timing
  • Tracking can be set to ‘motion-activated’ to save battery
  • S.O.S button to immediately send for help
  • Can connect to a smartphone app via Bluetooth
  • Spot X lone worker device can send/receive SMS messages
  • Messages can be customized to work with Ok Alone
  • Has a built-in check-in button that can be set up to automatically send a check-in to Ok Alone
  • Has over 250 Hours of Battery Life in 10 minute tracking mode
  • Operates at extreme temperatures -20*C to +60*C, as well as altitudes -100m to +6,500m

Using a Spot lone worker device allows a worker to keep in contact with monitors on Ok Alone even if they are far outside of cell tower coverage areas. Each Spot device has a unique ID that can be linked to a worker in Ok Alone to allow for easy confirmation each time a worker starts a shift.

All Spot lone worker devices need to be set up with Ok Alone before being able to use our services. We have created some handy documentation that helps guide our users through the set up process, they are available through our Help Portal.

Want a quote for Ok Alone? Please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a quote for our lone worker solution.