Do’s and Don’ts for Lone Workers

It is estimated that 15% of the workforce are lone workers, however in the current climate with millions of people working from home, that number has risen drastically.

If you are a lone worker, there are simple do’s and don’ts to follow that will help keep you safe.


If you are a lone worker make sure you do:

  • Check in at the start of your shift so people know you are at work today
  • Make sure you have a monitor (either at work or a call centre) who is contacted if you get into trouble or request help
  • Make sure you have full phone battery and a map function to where you are going (if you are leaving your base)
  • Have a lone worker safety solution updated with the latest software version


If you are a lone worker make sure you don’t:

  • Do something you don’t feel comfortable with or haven’t been trained to do
  • Use the wrong equipment for a job because it is easier than going to get the right ones
  • Leave your phone in the office or car, carry it with you
  • Deviate from your schedule without informing your work

The most important rule to follow for lone workers, is to have a lone worker safety solution. The easiest way to do this is download an app for your Smartphone that allows you to keep in touch with your work.

Ok Alone Lone Worker Safety Solution

Ok Alone offers a simple, easy to use, low cost lone worker safety solution that works on any Smartphone, so there is no need for additional devices.

The solution enables workers to start shifts, check in or request help with one button confirmation.

Each worker is allocated ‘monitors’ who are contacted if an alarm is activated, or they miss a check in. If there are no monitors available at the worker’s place of work, then calls can be sent to a call centre manned 24/7/365.

Ok Alone’s solution runs on low battery mode in the background so as not to drain the worker’s phone battery unnecessarily.

If workers need to change their plans, they can send SMS messages from the app to their monitor’s dashboard so they are kept up to date with all worker movements.

Ok Alone has many features to help keep lone workers safe. High-risk check ins allow workers to change the frequency of their check in time if they are entering an area where they feel vulnerable. Man Down (Worker Down) sends an alert to monitors if a worker has not moved within a set amount of time. Ok Alone can give real time locations for workers in an emergency, so monitors will able to send help.

To find out more about Ok Alone or start a free trial below.

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