Why GPS technology Isn’t Enough for Lone Worker Safety

Why GPS Technology Isn’t Enough to Keep Lone Workers Safe

Where are your people? You may think that your GPS system is keeping track of where everyone is as they go about their work, but GPS has definite shortcomings.  It may be able to tell you where your lone worker is, but it won’t tell you how they are.

There is a much better way to address lone worker safety. For those who work in alone and in isolated locations, such as land surveyors, inspectors, energy industry and oil & gas industry employees, communication is critical.

Simple, Effective Safety and Security Technology

The Ok Alone safety app is a lone worker protection system that allows easy two-way communication, surpassing GPS technology, even beyond cell phone range.

If you are working alone and have no cell service, access to a land line or internet, you can get Live Operator monitoring for satellite devices, keeping you in touch no matter where you are.

Our system is uncomplicated to implement and can be customized to your requirements. It’s simple to vary the frequency of check-ins or adjust how quickly a monitor receives a missed check-in alert.

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Affordable Lone Worker Safety with No Long Term Contracts

The OK Alone system provides lone worker monitoring that is superior to GPS AND affordable (see our pricing), there are no long term contracts to sign and we can get you up and running in only a few minutes.

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