Worker Down not ‘Man Down’

subcontratcor health and safety program

As the number of working women continues to increase in most industry areas (including lone workers), language needs to adapt at the same rate. Using the term ‘Man Down’ for the motion detection feature in a lone worker system no longer seems appropriate. The ‘Man Down’ Feature The ‘Man Down’ (Worker Down’) function notifies a …

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How Man Down could help different industries prevent disaster

lone worker safety system

The Man down feature offered in Ok Alone’s lone worker safety solution has the capability to contact another member of staff or call centre personnel if there has been no worker movement for a set period of time. This fantastic feature benefits lone workers across many different industries. Workers have the ability to set the …

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How to use Man Down on iPhones

Man Down is the latest lone worker feature for iPhones provided by Ok Alone. Our Man Down App introduces a movement based safety feature for iPhones – available with any account with the latest version of the Ok Alone smartphone app. What is Man Down for lone workers? Man down (worker down) apps are calibrated …

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Man Down Injury Statistics 2017-18

A man down lone worker

Here are some man down injury statistiscs for 2017-2018. Between 1974 and 2018 there has been an estimated reduction of workplace fatalities by an enormous 85%! ¹ From over 600 fatalities in 1974 down to 144 for the year 2017/18². That is a fantastic result for workplace safety. However, there are still many workplace related …

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