Working Alone Safety Tip for Realtors and Estate Agents

Working Alone Safety Tips for Realtors and Estate Agents

You’ve worked hard to get that property listing and now you have a potential buyer coming to see it.  Fantastic.  As exciting as this is, it’s worth remembering that following a few basic rules can go a long way to ensure you return home safely.

1. Set-up check-in times based on risk

When you’re travelling to meetings with known work colleagues, you are in a low risk environment.  As a result, you may only need to confirm you are safe and well every 2 to 4 hours.  However, when you are about to show a property, particularly to someone you’ve never met, the potential risk increases.  In these situations, you may want to check-in every 20-30 minutes. Having a convenient way to do this becomes very important.

2. Make sure back-up is always available

Calling a buddy or back to the office may work most of the time. But people now work irregular hours or they may get tied up in a meeting. As a result, it’s a good idea to ensure one or more people will be alerted if you get into trouble. For example, you may want an email sent to the office and a phone call made to a nearby co-worker.  A good work alone monitoring system enables you to do this quickly and easily.

3. Ensure help knows where you are

You may have told the office your showing was at 123 Oak Street, but you either didn’t get there or left early to do something else. If you’re not at Oak Street when an issue occurs, you are putting yourself at greater risk. A simple way to resolve this is to have your GPS location automatically sent to your safety team on a regular and consistent basis.  Better still, the GPS would actually monitor your movements throughout the day and make this information available to those who need to know.

Our customers tell us these three ideas help ensure that if a problem develops when they are on the job, it gives their safety team the best possible chance of assisting them as quickly as possible.  Want to try it out yourself?  Why now sign-up for a free trial.  Most people are up and running in 10 minutes or less.

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