Live Monitoring with our Work Alone Call Centre

There are times when you don’t have anyone available to monitor the safety of your team. Everyone is busy doing their own job and remembering to call or check-in with people can be difficult.

If you do have someone who can monitor people’s movements, it would typically be during normal working hours. However, on evenings and weekends that same cover may not be available.

Ok Alone provides you with the option of using a call-centre offering a 24/7 live monitoring service. This gives you the freedom to choose when you use live monitoring and when to use your own people instead.  

All operators in the call-centre are provided with your company’s escalation procedures to ensure each worker’s individual plan is followed and any situation can be rectified as quickly as possible.

Having the flexibility to choose when to use live monitoring means you aren’t locked into expensive contracts that overestimate your actual need.

It’s as easy as the flick of a switch to turn it on or off.

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