7 Reasons to Choose Ok Alone

You are up and running in 5 minutes, without speaking with us

It takes very little investment of your time to start using Ok Alone in your organization.

You know exactly what you are buying

All Ok Alone customers start with a free trial. Using Ok Alone is the best way to confirm you are getting what you need. No credit card is required unless you decide to proceed.

You are guided through the set-up process

Ok Alone provides step-by-step instructions for how to add people into the system and writing your escalation procedure. These simple to follow wizards take all the guess work of it. They also enable you to quickly get results.

You control when you want Ok Alone's 24/7 live monitoring, which means you control your costs

Call centre time is expensive. We understand that, which is why Ok Alone allows you to turn this powerful feature on and off whenever you choose. You can even schedule it to happen automatically.

We believe your input matters

The first version of Ok Alone was quite basic. Virtually every feature you now see in the system came from customer suggestions. We like that. In fact, we believe it’s the best way to serve you, responding to your needs as quickly as we can. It’s also why you can send us a “Feature request” any time you like. There’s a place to do it in the online Help section.

No long term contracts

No one likes being trapped in a contract. Ok Alone doesn't do that to you. You renew your subscription each month. If you don't feel Ok Alone is adding value to your organization, we feel you should be free to leave.

You save money

Ok Alone has low subscriptions that start at $8/£7 per person per month. Volume discounts apply and prices go down as you add more than 30 workers. The subscription includes the smartphone apps, your online account, email alerts, activity logs and performance reporting.

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Want a quote for Ok Alone? Please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a quote for our lone worker solution.