Which industries would benefit from using a computer based panic button?

Alone face to face with customer

A PC based panic alarm system is a versatile solution that offers immense benefits across various industries. It provides employees with a quick and accessible means to seek immediate assistance during emergencies or threatening situations. Whether it’s in corporate offices, healthcare facilities, educational institutions, hospitality settings, transportation hubs, or retail environments, an on-screen computer emergency …

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Does panic button software keep office workers safer?

Office worker alone in shared space

Yes! Panic button software can significantly contribute to keeping office workers safer. A desktop  on-screen panic button is designed to provide employees with a quick and discreet way to request immediate assistance in emergency situations. While some people who work in office buildings may not consider themselves lone workers, being isolated in an office meeting …

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Desktop/Web App for Lone Workers

There are many ways to use the OK Alone lone worker solution: app, SMS, landline, satellite phone and desktop. This last one is perhaps the least well known. For lone workers who work remotely, not necessarily out and about, but based in one location, the desktop version of the Ok Alone system is perfect. This …

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Top 10 Features of our Lone Worker App

Start shift times for Ok Alone lone worker monitoring

1. App Notifications & Alarms When a check in is due the worker will get an in app notification (with an alarm) asking them to check in . This feature is easy to setup and allows a worker to check-in before their monitors are alerted. 2. High Risk Check -ins Being able to change the …

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Top 8 Features of a Lone Worker App for 2023

Holding a lone worker app

As we move forward into 2023, the ever-changing landscape of work makes it crucial for employees to maintain strong connections with their colleagues and employers – especially when they are working alone. Utilizing a lone worker app enables workers to stay safe and no matter where they are—whether at home or off-site. Ok Alone stands …

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Keep Moving with Man Down on our Lone Worker App

There are around 8 million lone workers in the U.K. Lone workers can be found in many different industries, doing many different jobs. Some lone workers are out and about all day going to different locations and constantly on the move, others spend their days in one location. If, like me, you are a lone …

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Five Ways to Evaluate your Lone Worker App


Lone worker apps come in many varieties. This short article provides five criteria to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular ones. The goal is to give you the tools to decide which lone worker app will work best for your organization. Safety Policy Your safety policy should be at the heart of …

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Personal Alarms for Lone Workers

Check in with Ok Alone lone worker app

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a personal alarm. Some personal lone worker alarms in the U.K are worn on lanyards or a key-ring. Some emit a piercing sound to startle would be attackers, while others have GPS tracking to inform people of your location. Ok Alone and a Personal Safety …

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Why You Need a Lone Worker App for Check Ins

Why you need a Lone Worker App for Check Ins

A vital aspect of any lone worker monitoring procedure is the actual ‘check in’. Why you need a lone worker check in system By legislation in the UK and in many Canadian provinces, lone workers must be monitored for safety reasons. Here is some information about how you, as an employer, can devise and establish …

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To Track or not to Track, that is the Lone Worker Question

GPS tracking for your Lone Workers

No one likes the idea of being tracked throughout their work day, however, if you are a lone worker, worker tracking could literally save your life. Why Worker Tracking is Important Employee tracking is a way for companies to know where their workers are and that they are safe. The lone worker tracking is not …

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How can a Lone Worker App Protect Your People in High-Risk Situations?

Ok Alone lone worker monitoring High Risk Check-ins

Lone workers face greater risks than those who have co-workers nearby. Without support they may be unable to get immediate assistance in case of injury, incapacity or another type of emergency situation. Why do I need a lone worker app? A work alone safety device, such as a lone worker app, ensures employees have a …

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6 Tips for your Lone Worker Check In Procedure

In the UK, Australia, New Zealand and Canadian provinces your employees must be monitored if they are working alone. Here are a few tips to help you, as an employer, to devise and establish a lone worker check in procedure. 1. Appoint a Monitor You can appoint an employee as a monitor – they can …

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Why you Need a Lone Worker App

Health and Safety Guidelines biowaste

Being a ‘lone worker’ is great! You’re not stuck in an office all day having to listen to Wendy’s ‘jokes’ or more stories about her cat. You’re out and about all day or just quietly working somewhere enjoying your own company. But what about your safety? No one likes to think about all the things …

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Top 5 Features of a Lone Worker App

Holding a lone worker app

What are the best features to have in your lone worker app? With so many people working from home these days or doing jobs where they are away from their colleagues, lots of lone worker solutions have sprung up. How do you know which one is best for you and your needs? We have put …

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Drivers are Benefitting from Lone Worker Safety Apps

How Drivers in Transport and Logistics Teams are Benefitting from Lone Worker Technology

Advances in technology are bringing real benefits to drivers and the logistics teams that support them. How do we know this? We hear it from our clients! They tell us how much easier it is to accurately monitor workers with our flexible lone worker safety system.

GPS has been the go-to tracking tool for years, and it’s still useful – we use the SPOT Gen3 Messenger device for…