Drivers are Benefitting from Lone Worker Safety Apps

Advances in technology are bringing real benefits to drivers and the logistics teams that support them. How do we know this? We hear it from our clients! They tell us how much easier it is to accurately monitor workers with our flexible lone worker safety system.

Lone worker safety app

GPS has been the go-to location monitoring tool for years and many of our transport customers rely on Ok Alone’s lone worker safety app. Drivers can download the app to their iPhone, Android mobile and it’s a cinch to check in.

With no extra hardware to buy, cost conscious businesses love the app, and because it’s so easy to use and not at all intrusive, drivers also prefer this method of worker check in. There has been a backlash against certain monitoring systems because of privacy issues, nobody wants a camera pointed at them every hour of their working day, but safety is still vitally important. It’s easy to forget knowing someone’s location both helps ensure a quick and effective rescue, and can demonstrate you are doing the job you are suppose to do, which is great for everyone.

Know your staff are safe at all times with Ok Alone

With Ok Alone’s monitoring system, your lone worker safety policy will be satisfied and your workers will be happy to comply with check in procedures because they are quick and respectful of their personal privacy.

If you want your staff to feel like you value them and their safety, without resorting to invasive monitoring methods, give our free trial a shot.

Did we mention how affordable our lone worker safety system is? For $5.00/£4.00 per month per worker (or less), you can have the best worker monitoring system on the market today.

Want a quote for Ok Alone? Please email us at [email protected] and we will send you a quote for our lone worker solution.