Desktop/Web App for Lone Workers

There are many ways to use the OK Alone lone worker solution: app, SMS, landline, satellite phone and desktop. This last one is perhaps the least well known. For lone workers who work remotely, not necessarily out and about, but based in one location, the desktop version of the Ok Alone system is perfect. This …

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Lone Worker App for Android from Ok Alone

lone worker app for android on google play

Our lone worker app is available on Android phones through the Google Play store. The safe worker app is a safety solution for managing check-ins when your employees are working alone. Introduction to the Ok Alone Android App Are you affected by work alone regulations and want to be certain your lone workers are safe? …

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Personal Alarms for Lone Workers

Check in with Ok Alone lone worker app

There are many different options when it comes to choosing a personal alarm. Some personal lone worker alarms in the U.K are worn on lanyards or a key-ring. Some emit a piercing sound to startle would be attackers, while others have GPS tracking to inform people of your location. Ok Alone and a Personal Safety …

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How can a Lone Worker App Protect Your People in High-Risk Situations?

Ok Alone lone worker monitoring High Risk Check-ins

Lone workers face greater risks than those who have co-workers nearby. Without support they may be unable to get immediate assistance in case of injury, incapacity or another type of emergency situation. Why do I need a lone worker app? A work alone safety device, such as a lone worker app, ensures employees have a …

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Why you Need a Lone Worker App

Health and Safety Guidelines biowaste

Being a ‘lone worker’ is great! You’re not stuck in an office all day having to listen to Wendy’s ‘jokes’ or more stories about her cat. You’re out and about all day or just quietly working somewhere enjoying your own company. But what about your safety? No one likes to think about all the things …

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Drivers are Benefitting from Lone Worker Safety Apps

How Drivers in Transport and Logistics Teams are Benefitting from Lone Worker Technology

Advances in technology are bringing real benefits to drivers and the logistics teams that support them. How do we know this? We hear it from our clients! They tell us how much easier it is to accurately monitor workers with our flexible lone worker safety system.

GPS has been the go-to tracking tool for years, and it’s still useful – we use the SPOT Gen3 Messenger device for…