Introducing the Learning Center – Lone Worker Safety Education

Here at Ok Alone we’ve always been deeply committed to ensuring your safety, but we also understand that getting to grips with a new system can sometimes be daunting. With this in mind, we’re pleased to introduce you to our latest development – the Learning Center! Why have we created the Learning Center? At Ok …

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The Rise of Lone Working in the Digital Age

Retail On screen Panic Button

Introduction In today’s rapidly evolving work places, the conventional nine-to-five office job is increasingly becoming a thing of the past. The digital revolution has changed work patterns, one of which is lone working—a practice that has grown exponentially in the last few years. No longer tethered to a physical office, professionals across industries are embracing …

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Lone Worker App for Android from Ok Alone

lone worker app for android on google play

Our lone worker app is available on Android phones through the Google Play store. The safe worker app is a safety solution for managing check-ins when your employees are working alone. Introduction to the Ok Alone Android App Are you affected by work alone regulations and want to be certain your lone workers are safe? …

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Lone Worker iPhone App from Ok Alone

Lone worker app on the Apple App Store for iPhone

Our lone worker app is available on iPhone through the App Store. The lone worker app is a safety solution for managing check-ins when your employees are working alone. Introduction to the Ok Alone iPhone App Are you affected by work alone regulations and want to be certain your lone workers are safe? Do you …

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Easy Check-In for Lone Workers with the Ok Alone Desktop App

Desktop Help Button App Home Screen

There are many ways to use the OK Alone lone worker solution: app, SMS, landline, satellite phone and desktop. This last one is perhaps the least well known. For lone workers who work remotely, not necessarily out and about, but based in one location, the desktop version of the Ok Alone system is perfect. The …

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Lone Worker App for Windows from Ok Alone

Lone worker app for Windows

Our lone worker app is available on Windows through the Microsoft App store. The lone worker app is a safety solution for managing check-ins when your employees are working alone. Introduction to the Ok Alone Windows App Are you affected by work alone regulations and want to be certain your lone workers are safe? Do …

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How Desktop Panic Buttons Work

Help Alert Confirmation Screen

The purpose of Ok Alone’s desktop panic button is to provide a convenient and readily accessible way for people to quickly request assistance in emergency situations. When activated, it triggers an alert, notifying designated individuals or security personnel. The alert can be in the form of pop-up notifications, emails, text messages, automated phone calls, or …

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Can a task bar help button on your computer help in emergencies?

Task bar help button Icon live

When you have employees working on their own it is important to have an employee safety monitoring system in place in case of emergencies. This applies to people across many industries and occupations, from education to retail or front of house staff. Having a system that is compatible with pc’s and laptops, and shows as …

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How can a software based panic button help office workers?

Alone in office after hours

Elena works in the office of a small company. One day, while working late, she finds herself in an escalating confrontation with a disgruntled co-worker who becomes increasingly aggressive and verbally abusive. Feeling threatened and concerned for her safety, Elena discreetly activates the panic button on her computer screen. As soon as the panic button …

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Streamline Your Workflow by Integrating a Lone Worker App

As a business owner or manager, you know that efficient workflows are crucial to your success. But what happens when your team includes lone workers, such as those who work remotely, on-call, or in hazardous environments? Without the right tools, managing these workers can be a challenge. That’s where a lone worker app comes in. …

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How to choose a Lone Worker App: Pricing and Features

lone worker alarm with 247 protection

Knowing where your staff are and that they are well is pretty important. This becomes even more important in the case of staff who work remotely or in isolation. To ensure that these employees remain connected, protected, and monitored, companies have turned to lone worker apps. These powerful tools provide a range of features designed …

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The Role of a Lone Worker System in Protecting Your Employees and Creating a Safer Workplace

Lone Worker Safety for Office and Retail Staff​

As an employer duty of care extends beyond the traditional office or worksite to include remote or lone workers who operate in secluded or hazardous environments. To address this concern, a comprehensive safety solution, the lone worker monitoring system, was developed to monitor and protect lone workers. This system provides employers with real-time insights into …

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Be Safe and Secure by Prioritizing Lone Worker Security

worker monitoring security guard

The importance of prioritizing lone worker safety Lone workers are constantly exposed to a wide range of safety risks, including accidents, injuries, and even violent attacks. With no immediate backup or support, these workers are at a higher risk of serious harm or injury. Therefore, it’s essential to prioritize their safety and well-being. By prioritizing …

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24/7 Safety Monitoring for Lone Workers

24-7 lone worker monitoring

Ok Alone’s 24/7 safety monitoring for Lone Workers offers an unparalleled layer of protection, enabling lone workers to perform regular check-ins through the app. Thus ensuring swift action through automated alerts to designated monitors if a check-in is missed or an emergency situation arises. This comprehensive system extends safety monitoring beyond simple check-ins, incorporating features …

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Safety Monitoring Dashboard for Lone Workers

lone worker system dashboard

Ok Alone’s employee safety app works in conjunction with a fully integrated cloud-based dashboard.  The Dashboard provides real-time information on the location and status of the workforce. The Ok Alone Dashboard, designed for lone worker safety, offers real-time GPS location tracking, enabling employers to promptly respond to emergencies.  Workers’ statuses are visible, displaying if they …

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Our Safe Worker App supports Lone Worker Safety with Real-Time Monitoring

Lone Worker Protection for Farmers and Agriculture Workers​

As modern work environments continue to evolve, and people become increasingly isolated the importance of implementing cutting-edge solutions to address the safety concerns of lone workers becomes more and more important. The role of promoting safety and security for these workers, has been taken on by innovative safe worker apps that are revolutionizing the way …

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How can a software based panic button help lone retail workers?

Lone male worker at retail counter

Marisa works as the lone retail worker on shift in a boutique clothing store. Towards the end of the day, while attending to a customer, Marisa notices another individual displaying unusual and aggressive behaviour making her feel increasingly uncomfortable. Recognizing the potential threat, Marisa discreetly activates the panic button on the task bar of her …

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Do you really need BS8484 and a Lone Worker Call Centre?

lone worker alarm call centre

Within the UK lone worker solutions are held up to British Standard 8484, the Code of Practice for the provision of Lone Worker Services, more commonly known as BS8484. But where has it come from and why do people say you need it ? Why was the BS8484 Standard Introduced for lone workers? In 2009 …

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