To Track or not to Track, that is the Lone Worker Question

No one likes the idea of being tracked throughout their work day, however, if you are a lone worker, worker tracking could literally save your life.

Why Worker Tracking is Important

Employee tracking is a way for companies to know where their workers are and that they are safe. The lone worker tracking is not focused on work performance or productivity throughout a shift, it is to check staff are ok and respond appropriately if there is an issue. This is often done using a specific device or through a Smartphone app. It is vitally important that employers know where their lone workers are; but tracking should be passive and only done during a worker’s shift and only when necessary, for instance, if a worker has not checked in or has requested help.

What lone worker tracking isn’t

Using a lone worker solution to track worker safety is not the same as using employee tracking software. Lone worker tracking is NOT:

  • remote desktop control (taking screenshots or camera photos)
  • registering key strokes and time spent on websites
  • analysing employee behaviours and response times

We only track worker location when staff are working

A phone’s operating system may generate location data for a variety of reasons and it can make that information available to apps. The Ok Alone app stops receiving location data unless the person is on-shift and working. This means that even if the worker remains logged into the Ok Alone app, but they are not on-shift/working Ok Alone is not collecting location data. Control over location settings is handled by the worker through the app, not the supervisor. This gives the workers themselves control. 

Why you can trust lone worker tracking

Lone worker tracking is focused on the safety of your workers, not their performance. The location information recorded is for finding an employee in case of an emergency. All location data that is used for finding staff in an emergency is deleted after 30 days. Employees are in control of the GPS settings and tracking frequency. Lone worker tracking only occurs when an employee is logged in on shift.

How Ok Alone tracks your workers

Ok Alone uses GPS technology to offer full tracking services for lone workers. GPS High uses the phones GPS to provide continuous data updated every 10 seconds and is the most accurate setting. This ensures you have up to date information on your worker’s position when you need it.

This can also be scaled down to Non GPS mode, which uses local cell towers to pin point worker’s locations and automatically updates throughout their shift. The Non GPS mode runs in the background having minimal effect on the phone’s battery life, but is not recommended if the worker is frequently moving locations.

During a shift the lone worker’s location is also updated every time the app gets a location update and when they check in. This means you will have a clear picture of your lone worker’s last known location should they fail to check in or if they send a help request asking for immediate assistance.

How lone worker tracking works in real life

Maleek works for the Forestry Department. His job today is to check on some fences damaged in a recent storm. The weather is still unpredictable, with thunderstorms rolling through. Maleek reaches the fence line and starts his repairs.

The weather gets worse and another thunderstorm begins. Suddenly a bolt of lightning hits the trees near Maleek starting a fire. Maleek pulls out his phone and hits the Help button on his lone worker solution, he then clicks Send Message and types the word ‘FIRE’. He starts driving away from the fire that is chasing him across the hillside. Tanya, Maleek’s monitor, gets his help request and message and tries to call Maleek. There is no answer.

Tanya logs into the dashboard and sees Maleek’s current location. As she watches she can see Maleek’s location update every ten seconds travelling quickly in the wrong direction. Tanya knows something is very wrong. She calls her manager and the local fire department to alert them to the situation. Using Maleek’s GPS position she can tell the fire department where the fire is and which way it is travelling. Maleek is met at the end of the forestry road he is driving by the fire department who are able to get him safely off the hillside.

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