Top 10 Features of our Lone Worker App

Lone Worker App check in due

1. App Notifications & Alarms

When a check in is due the worker will get an in app notification (with an alarm) asking them to check in . This feature is easy to setup and allows a worker to check-in before their monitors are alerted.

2. High Risk Check -ins

Being able to change the time between check in’s if you are going into a situation you deem high risk is important. The Ok Alone app gives the worker the choice for their next, shorter check-in time. They can select the appropriate time in 10-minute increments. Once the shortened cycle is complete, the system resets to the normal check-in frequency.

Start shift times for Ok Alone lone worker monitoring

3. Start Shift Reminder

Simply set the shift start time using our simple interface. If the shift start is missed then the worker will get an SMS, email or phone call reminding them to use Ok Alone.

women smiling as she has a lone worker safety solution

4. Live Monitoring

There are times when your managers are available to monitor the safety of your team. Typically, this would be during normal working hours. However, on evenings and weekends that same cover may not be available. Ok Alone gives you the choice of when you use its 24/7 live monitoring and when to use your own people. This means you aren’t locked into expensive contracts that overestimate your actual need. It’s as easy as the flick of a switch to turn it on or off.

Lone Worker App tracking for the worker

5.GPS Worker Monitoring

Ok Alone's lone worker app provides GPS monitoring that can give a worker's real time location in an emergency. There are a couple of options, with GPS Full the app uses your phone's GPS to provide the most accurate location. Any app that drains the charge on your battery is not going to help keep you safe! Ok Alone offers a battery saver mode for location monitoring that won’t use all of your charge.

Lone Worker App escalation procedure

6. Escalation Procedure Wizard

It’s not always easy to remember all of the details you may need in the event of an emergency. That’s why Ok Alone developed a handy tool to help you design more robust escalation procedures. By simply following a few quick steps, you can create safety procedures that are complete and will be followed every time.

Lone Worker App worker groups

7. Worker Grouping

Group workers together by department, team, shift or any way you want. Once in a group you can easily update any instructions or details, which will automatically make changes to all the workers within that group at the same time.

Lone Worker App background mode

8. App Background Mode

Ok Alone is an app that doesn’t need to be ‘open’ to work. The app’s feature background mode means the solution is running without it having to be constantly on the screen.

Lone Worker App real time monitoring

9. Real Time Status Reporting

Ok Alone allows you to assign one or more monitors to each worker. A typical example is a customer who uses Ok Alone’s 24/7 live monitoring service, but they want their managers to be made aware when something happens, so they make them monitors too. As soon as a check-in is missed, or a Help alarm sent, it appears on the Alerts page. You will see who has been sent a message about the issue, whether they have acknowledged it, and if it is resolved. This insight is very helpful when determining the next appropriate action.

Worker stats for Ok Alone lone worker monitoring

10. Free Updates and Reports

Apparently some suppliers try to charge you to update the system or send you performance reports and logs. Ok Alone doesn’t do that. Your monitors can log in and add/remove workers, change email addresses and phone numbers or see the latest logs and statistics, all free of charge.

A man down lone worker

Bonus. Man Down Protection

Our Man Down feature helps keep your lone workers even safer. The man down feature in the smartphone app monitors a lone worker’s movement. If no movement is detected the man down system will sound an alarm alerting the worker that there has been no movement. If this alert is not responded to by the lone worker, then the man down alert will be escalated to the monitor.

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