Five Ways to Evaluate your Lone Worker App

Lone worker apps come in many varieties. This short article provides five criteria to evaluate the advantages and disadvantages of the most popular ones. The goal is to give you the tools to decide which lone worker app will work best for your organization.

Lone worker app safety policy evaluation

Safety Policy

Your safety policy should be at the heart of your lone worker app and monitoring system. 'Safety Policy' looks at how well the system implements your procedures and if it guides your team to take the actions you want at the appropriate time.

Lone worker app ease evaluation

Ease of Use

Is the work alone app and system easy to use? How easily you can implement the app into your everyday work? In other words, how intuitive it is and can it adapt to how you do things, or do you need to adapt to it.

work alone safety procedures

Management Control

Are you able to control the system the way you want to? Do you get the information you need from the app about what happens to your staff? Is the system a good management tool that enables you to control your business effectively?

Lone worker app location evaluation

Location Monitoring

Can you locate your staff with GPS positions so you know where they are and where they have been?

work alone costs


How much does the lone worker app and system cost to buy and to run? Do you have additional expense for hardware, training or set-up?

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