5 tips for Managing Workplace Stress – Lone worker Safety System

We all face stress on the job and when your workplace stress is not acknowledged and managed, it can lead to physical and emotional illness as well as reduced performance and productivity. How well you manage your workplace stress depends on how you are able (or unable!) to address it. Compounding the problem, if you work alone, without the security of co-workers to share the workload and watch your back, your stress levels may go through the roof!

Here are 5 tips for managing your workplace stress:

  1. Talk about it! Don’t keep your concerns to yourself – if you think that your working conditions are unsafe or that your workload is unmanageable, talk with your co-workers about how to change the aspects that worry you – bring your supervisor into the conversation too.
  2. Come to work prepared to do your job. Coping with workplace stress by blowing off steam during your off-hours can be dangerous. Showing up to the job site worse for wear because you were up late, overdoing the socializing, could increase your risk of injury. Getting enough sleep, good nutrition and regular exercise will keep you sharp. This advice is particularly critical for shift workers.
  3. Prioritize your tasks. Decide which jobs are critical and perform them first, if possible. Break down big jobs into logical steps and undertake to achieve each one safely and thoroughly. Delegate responsibilities where appropriate.
  4. Think positively! When negative thoughts intrude, turn them around – perhaps by seeing some humour in a difficult situation. You can’t control everything, especially other peoples’ actions and reactions, so learn to ‘let it go’ rather than stressing out.
  5. Take advantage of stress reducing tools, like our safety system for lone workers. Whether you are working by yourself out in the field, delivering home care services in a private residence or performing tasks in an isolated position at a high risk job site, you will feel less stressed if you know that help is as close as a button on your cell phone.

Simple, effective safety and security technology

Ok Alone’s lone worker monitoring system is so easy to use – it will only take a few minutes to download the smartphone app and set up your check-in process. And the cost is so reasonable – as low as £4.00 / $5.00 per month per worker.

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