The Most Common Workplace Safety Policy Violations

The Most Common Workplace Safety Policy Violations

The transport and logistics industry employs workers in a diverse range of occupations: truck drivers, couriers and postal delivery drivers and warehouse workers, to name a few. Each of these occupations carries a relatively high risk of accident or injury, and it’s challenging for employers to find ways to keep staff safe on the job.

Even tracking safety violations is difficult, because these workers are often working with little or no direct supervision and they may be reluctant to report incidents they deem minor, or those that may have occurred due to their own inattention.

Common workplace safety violations in transport and logistics that can result in injury or fatality include:

  • Musculoskeletal strains and sprains
  • Trip and fall accidents
  • Being struck by a moving object
  • Vehicle and mechanical accidents
  • Falling from heights

How can you, as an employer, promote workplace safety for transport and logistics industry workers?

Develop a lone worker safety policy that addresses the specific risks faced by your staff and ensure that they receive training in how to safeguard against common hazards and respond to incidents as they occur. An important aspect of your policy should be a lone worker monitoring system that is customisable to your requirements, uncomplicated for workers to use and affordable.

With advances in technology, it’s easier than ever to monitor and respond to workers experiencing difficulties, wherever they may be. Our lone worker safety monitoring system allows you to keep you in touch with staff in the depths of the warehouse, in the city centre or while they are travelling cross-country.

Know your staff are safe at all times with Ok Alone

Establish lone worker check-in procedures as part of your safety policy – with Ok Alone, you can vary the frequency of check ins (from 5 mins to 24 hours) to suit each worker and the task they are performing on that particular day. This level of responsiveness helps to improve incident outcomes and keeps safety top of mind for your valued staff.

Contact us to learn more about how Ok Alone can help you keep your transport and logistics industry workers safe on the job.

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