Lone Worker App & Safety Monitoring available in Spanish

spanish lone worker app

¡Maravillosas noticias, Ok Alone ahora está disponible en español! Ok Alone, the lone worker safety monitoring app, is now available in Spanish. The app will detect the language being used on a phone (from English, Spanish or French) and automatically change the text within the app to be the same. Companies that use Ok Alone …

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Lone Worker App & Safety Monitoring available in French

french lone worker app

Fantastique nouvelle, Ok Alone est désormais disponible en français! Ok Alone, the lone worker safety monitoring app, is now available in French. The app will detect the language being used on a phone (from English, Spanish or French) and automatically change the text within the app to be the same. Companies that use Ok Alone …

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Ok Alone App Review – Highest Rated Lone Worker App​

Ok Alone App Review – Highest Rated Lone Worker App Ok Alone has some of the best app reviews for lone worker apps. In fact, we have the highest rated on both the Apple App Store and Android Play Store. Customers rate the Ok Alone app highly because we listen to them. At Ok Alone …

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Lone Worker Trends for 2023


At Ok Alone we are constantly developing our product, either adding new features from customer requests, updating our systems to keep them running efficiently or adapting our solution to improve the user experience. In this vein we are really interested in the changes in our industry and the predictions made for the upcoming year. Here …

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No Local Lone Working Laws? You’ve still got a problem

What about areas where there is no specific Lone Worker legislation? Lone Worker regulations are a subset of Employer Duty of Care laws. All Western countries have Duty of Care obligations. Here’s why having Ok Alone in places without lone worker laws matters. What is a “Duty of Care”? Everyone has a legal duty to …

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Integrations with Ok Alone

At Ok Alone we love working with other companies and seeing how our solution and their product can work together to create something wonderful! WhatsApp WhatsApp is one of the formats Monitors can be contacted in if a worker misses a check in or requests help. Monitors are sent a message through WhatsApp detailing who …

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Ways to request help with Ok Alone

One of the best things about Ok Alone is the choices! You have so many options on whether to use features or not or if you even want them in the first place. Some choices can be made in advance but some choices will come down to the very second of the situation you find …

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Why has your company introduced a lone worker system?

(It’s safety, not tracking) Companies that are serious about their duty of care provide employees with lone worker systems as part of their personal protective equipment (PPE). This provides workers with support when they are in locations where particular risks cannot be completely avoided. Lone worker apps, with help buttons, have proven effective in the …

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How lone worker alerts play out in real life

While attending a talk on using technology to manage lone workers, one of the speakers talked about training workers by giving them a written scenario. Workers had to mark on the scenario when they would push the ‘help’ button on their lone worker app. The results were all compared and then discussed by those being …

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Expand Ok Alone’s lone worker functionality with Zapier’s Zaps

Ok Alone already has many features – but now you can expand your lone worker functionality with Zapier. As a Zapier partner you can link actions from your favourite apps with our lone worker solution, including starting a shift, checking in and requesting help. What is the Zapier Platform? The Zapier platform allows connections to …

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The importance of lone worker training and engagement of staff

When you have lone workers in your company it is really important they are equipped with a lone worker solution. The solution needs to give workers a way to communicate with supervisors throughout their shift and alert someone if there are any problems or safety risks. Introducing a lone worker safety solution to the workforce …

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How can a software based panic button help lone retail workers?

Lone male worker at retail counter

Marisa works as the lone retail worker on shift in a boutique clothing store. Towards the end of the day, while attending to a customer, Marisa notices another individual displaying unusual and aggressive behaviour making her feel increasingly uncomfortable. Recognizing the potential threat, Marisa discreetly activates the panic button on the task bar of her …

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Choose a Lone Worker App with Wide Device Capability


When it comes to choosing a lone worker app, compatibility with various devices and operating systems is very important. Device compatibility is vital because it ensures that all employees can access the lone worker app on their preferred devices, whether it be a smartphone, tablet, or desktop. With the ever-increasing variety of devices and operating …

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Monitor driver safety away from the vehicle

A lot of transportation and logistics companies have vehicle trackers on their fleets, to keep their products safe. This would also increase the safety of the driver. Well, at least if they are in the vehicle. But what if they’re not? Transport and logistics personnel are exposed to many different risks when alone on the …

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Why Drivers need a Lone Worker Safety Monitoring Solution

municipality lone worker value for money

The definition of a lone worker is ‘when work is done in a location where the employee can’t physically see or be seen by another person or talk to or be heard by another person’¹. This definition encompasses almost all drivers. How can a lone worker solution help drivers? Hands Free Voice Commands and Drive …

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7 Important Features of a Lone Worker App for Drivers


What are the best features to have in your lone worker app? With so many people driving for work or doing jobs where they are away from their colleagues, a lot of lone worker solutions have sprung up. How do you know which one is best for you and your needs? Our team at Ok …

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Do’s and Don’ts to keep Lone Working Drivers Safe

The most recent statistics show that there are millions of people employed as goods vehicle drivers in North America and Britain: 500,000 in the UK ¹, 335,000 in Canada ² and 3,445,500 across the US ³ ⁴. Transport and logistics personnel are exposed to different kinds of risks when alone on the road or when …

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Drive Mode – For Even Safer Lone Worker Check Ins

Drive Mode is the latest feature developed by Ok Alone for their lone worker solution. The Drive Mode feature was designed specifically to be used by logistics workers and drivers as part of the OK Alone system. Drivers Need Safer Options Some drivers use the Ok Alone app as their safety solution for lone worker …

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Learn about Safety for the UK’s Electrician Lone Workers

Powerline lone worker

The most recent data from Statista.com shows there were 259,000 people employed as electricians in the UK during 2019 ¹ Being an electrician means frequently working alone, either on sites, in warehouses, buildings or in people’s homes. But are employers looking out for these lone workers and how do you ensure an electrician’s safety? Dangers …

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