Monitor driver safety away from the vehicle

A lot of transportation and logistics companies have vehicle trackers on their fleets, to keep their products safe. This would also increase the safety of the driver. Well, at least if they are in the vehicle. But what if they’re not?

Transport and logistics personnel are exposed to many different risks when alone on the road or when loading and unloading their vehicle. Transporting goods while alone means drivers are vulnerable to robbery and hijackings when loading, unloading, parking overnight or just driving their vehicle. So, what if drivers are forced out of the relative safety of their vehicle?

Reliable lone worker solution

People who drive for work need to have the necessary equipment to keep not just their cargo safe, but themselves safe too. Drivers need a lone worker solution, a solution that shows the real time location of the driver AND the vehicle, even if they are miles apart. They should both be shown on a dashboard map as separate markers so you can clearly see when the driver is away from the vehicle.

An App based lone worker monitoring system is run through a drivers’ phone, it is therefore carried on the driver’s body and not restricted to the vehicle’s movements. This allows companies to monitor a driver’s safety while they are away from their vehicle.

See the location of both your vehicle and your driver throughout a delivery.

The added security this offers a company allows them to know where their cargo is and that their driver is safe. For the driver, it means having a way to immediately alert someone if they are in distress, injured or facing a threatening situation. Giving drivers a sense of security that someone can send help when they really need it.

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