Drive Mode – For Even Safer Lone Worker Check Ins

Drive Mode is the latest feature developed by Ok Alone for their lone worker solution. The Drive Mode feature was designed specifically to be used by logistics workers and drivers as part of the OK Alone system.

Drivers Need Safer Options

Some drivers use the Ok Alone app as their safety solution for lone worker monitoring. These drivers use the system to check in and say they are safe throughout their shifts. However, it is not safe to take their hands off the wheel whilst driving to manually check in and not all drivers have phones with voice capability to check in verbally.

Professional drivers wanted an option to check in if the vehicle was in motion – for the system to automatically acknowledge the vehicle is moving so therefore, the driver is fine, and it checks them in.

Motion Detection

The feature uses data from both GPS tracking and OK Alone combined to register whether a vehicle is in motion when a check in is due. The system can then automatically check the driver in and show they are safe without the driver having to take their focus off driving.

Much like the man down and high risk features, this feature is activated on the phone itself by the worker. This gives them control over when to activate it during a shift and when it isn’t needed.

The beauty of this feature is that it makes safety even safer! The safety of checking in with a supervisor throughout a shift and not having to touch the phone or divert concentration from the road whilst driving.

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