Does your team really need a lone worker safety system?

lone worker safety system

Manufacturing industry and factory workers can be exposed to a wide range of dangerous situations and risks to their safety increase when they are working alone.  Performing equipment maintenance, handling raw or in-process materials, and using heavy machinery are just some of the everyday tasks where a lone worker safety system could ensure that you and your co-workers go home safely at the end of a shift.


Working Alone Safety Tip for Realtors and Estate Agents

working alone safety

You've worked hard to get that property listing and now you have a potential buyer coming to see it.  Fantastic.  As exciting as this is, it's worth remembering that following a few basic rules can go a long way to ensure your return home safely.

Home Care Lone Workers Need Safety Solution to Work Alone


A Guardian/Insight survey asked what are the key challenges facing individual care worker, and the key challenges facing their employers. The challenges faced by employees and employers are linked. Forced by councils to bid at the lowest cost, home care providers struggle to pay and train their staff sufficiently to overcome skills and staffing shortages.