You Can’t Afford Not to Have a Lone Worker Safety System

8 Reasons Why you can’t Afford Not to a Have Lone Worker Safety System

A lone worker safety system is not only the right thing to do from a moral standpoint – it can reduce your business’ operational costs! Workers in the construction and engineering industries are frequently working alone and in high risk circumstances. Investing in their safety will pay off in many ways.

Here are 8 reasons you can’t afford not to use lone worker monitoring.

  1. It eliminates the need for the ‘buddy system’, which isn’t all that effective anyway
  2. It prevents costly operational downtime while you are trying to locate an injured or missing worker
  3. You will see savings on your insurance premiums
  4. You can avoid financial penalties for failure to provide duty-of-care or negligence
  5. It’s a simple way to achieve safety regulation compliance
  6. Safety equipment is not always sufficient to protect workers, no matter how well-equipped they are
  7. Environmental dangers are unpredictable and can be deadly
  8. People are only human, and can make errors that put their own or the safety of others at risk

With a lone worker protection system, you are also likely to see an improvement in employee morale and retention as well as improved corporate image and public relations.

Invest in Ok Alone for Easy-to-Use, No-Fuss Lone Worker Safety Systems

It makes good business sense to invest in lone worker monitoring that is affordable and easy to implement and use. Ok Alone has developed (and continues to refine) a safety system that’s customizable to your requirements and easy to alter according to your changing needs.

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