Updated Changes to BS 8484 for 2022

What is BS 8484?

In 2011 the British Standard BS 8484:2011 was introduced as the ‘Provision of lone worker device (LWD) services. Code of practice’ after an increase in the demand for lone worker protection and formed the basis for the police response to lone worker systems. The implementation of BS8484:2011 was to cut down on false alarms and call outs that were wasting police time.

BS 8484:2011 was updated and replaced by BS 8484:2016 Provision of lone workers services. Code of practice.

Due to technological developments and societal changes BS 8484 has once again been updated. This revised British Standard was published by BSI Standards Limited, under licence from The British Standards Institution, and came into effect on 31 March 2022.

British Standard, BS 8484:2022, supersedes both BS 8484:2011 and BS 8484:2016, which will be withdrawn on 31 March 2023.

Working from Home

What has been changed between BS 8484:2016 and BS 8484:2022?

There have been a few principal changes introduced to the standard:

  • acknowledgement that pairs or small groups of workers might also be considered “at risk” and so the use of a lone worker service (LWS) might be beneficial;
  • home workers now included as potential beneficiaries of an LWS as well as pairs or small groups;
  • acknowledgment that those working from home are also to be considered as lone workers and therefore understanding their risks and the possible use of an LWS might be beneficial;
  • content updated to assume that the method used to transfer an audio call from a lone worker (LW) might be via a data call rather than a traditional call;
  • improvement to integrity with the addition that all staff involved in LWS delivery are to be screened in accordance with BS 7858; and
  • removal of most of the recommendations in Clause 7 (Alarm Receiving Centre) and acknowledgement that this is now covered in BS 9518
Lone worker taking water samples.
Lone worker taking water samples.

Notable Updates to BS 8484:2022

It is also worth noting that The British Standards Institution have added a lone worker’s ‘wellbeing’ as a crucial element to creating a safety culture within a company.

“Considering employee safety, wellbeing and security at a strategic level leads to a culture of safety at work at the operational level.”

It is specified within the standard that;

“As a code of practice, this British Standard takes the form of recommendations and guidance. It is not to be quoted as if it were a specification.”

“Users may substitute any of the recommendations in this British Standard with practices of equivalent or better outcome.”

The above statements reinforce that the BS 8484:2022 standard is a recommendation for lone worker systems, not a legal requirement.

The above quotes and information are taken from;
BS 8484:2022 — Tracked Changes compares BS 8484:2022 with BS 8484:2016, BSI Standards Publication Provision of lone worker services — Code of practice created by BSI


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