Key aspects of lone worker check-in

A vital aspect of any lone worker monitoring procedure is the actual check-in. By legislation in the UK and in many Canadian provinces, lone workers must be monitored for safety reasons. So, what are the main aspects of a lone worker check in procedure? Here are a few tips to help you, as an employer, to devise and establish a lone worker check in procedure.

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Customer favourite feature of the month: Safety Zones

In many jobs, people need to work in a specific area such as a job site, construction zone or security guard’s route. Leaving that “safety zone” may be an indication of a problem. Ok Alone customers asked if we could give them a tool that tells them when someone has moved to an unexpected place, and we did.

Ok Alone’s safety zone feature lets you create an area where the worker is free to move. If they leave that area, you get an alert. Quick. Easy. Effective. Simply click a location on the map and select how big you want the radius to be.

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