How Ok Alone is used by Schools, Tutors and Teachers for Lone Working

Making sure teachers and tutors are safe in the school environment, when working alone, is becoming increasingly important. Ofsted guidelines and health and safety policies mean that any school worker who is on their own must be protected.

At Ok Alone we have a suitable lone worker solution for your school. Here is a summary of how our work alone solution will help keep your teachers safe in term time or while on site working in the holidays.

Workers and Monitors

Ok Alone uses terms such as workers and monitors. Workers are kept safe by the lone worker solution and if there are any issues, then the monitors are alerted. For schools, read teachers or tutors for workers. And monitors can be senior staff or the person in charge of safeguarding, including the lone worker policy.

Lone Worker Monitoring for Tutors

Ok Alone is being used by an increasing amount of schools offering tutoring services away from the school site. This means the tutors are often teaching on their own and need monitoring for safety. Tutors can start Ok Alone at the beginning of the lesson and check in during the lesson, often at the half way point. They can then end their shift at the end of the lesson. If the tutor does not check in or end their shift – then a senior member of staff can be alerted to a potential issue.

Start Shift Reminders

One of Ok Alone’s most popular features are the start shift reminders. Lone workers often forget to start their Ok Alone shift, especially when they first start using the lone worker system. In Ok Alone you can easily add reminders, so workers get an SMS to start their shift – this is used by tutors to remind them to start their monitoring before each lesson.

After feedback from schools, we have now added multiple daily start shift reminders, so teachers can now get a reminder before each tutoring lesson. As a result, schools know their staff are safe and being monitored correctly.

Live Monitoring for Lone Workers

There is not always someone available when you are in school to respond to any lone worker issues. Ok Alone provides a 24/7 live monitoring service, where our trained team can respond to any alert. This is great for tutors working in the evening, and live monitoring can be toggled on/off when required.

If you are a school, you can try Ok Alone for free for 7 days. Simply visit our Free Trial page and get started today.

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