I Think I Checked-In – Maybe not. Know your Status with Ok Alone

Looking for ideas to improve your safety policies? This month you get two articles that take a interesting approaches.

Marketing teams use them all the time, so why can’t Safety Departments too? Focus groups can provide powerful insights into the risks your teams face.  This article gives you practical advice for using focus groups effectively.

Safety policy focus group

Use focus groups to assess risk for your safety policy

Favourite customer feature of the month:
Worker status check

Have you ever meant to checked-in by calling from your phone  or using an SMS message, but then got distracted and forgot whether you did or not?  You are not a lone.  It happens, even to the best of us

Ok Alone has a handy feature that lets your lone workers confirm their current working status at any time with a simply phone call or text message..

HOT TIP: Ending your shift in an area with poor coverage?  Send a quick text and get confirmation before you head off to your big night out.

See how knowing your status reduced fall alarms

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