Know your working status with Ok Alone

Have you ever meant to check-in by calling from your phone or using an SMS message, but then got distracted and forgot whether you did or not?  You are not alone.  It happens, even to the best of us.

Check your status

Ok Alone has a handy feature that lets your lone workers confirm their current working status at any time. They can either call or text the Ok Alone system and it will tell them what their status is.  For example, if they call in and they are not working, the system will say “You are currently not working”. If they are in the middle of a shift, it will tell them when their next check-in is due.

For those who use SMS messages to check-in, they simply need to send a text with their worker ID and the word status (i.e. 68945,status). They will then get a text reply saying if Ok Alone sees them as either not working or when their next check-in is due. It’s as easy as that.  Quick. Convenient. Effective.

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