Keeping Parks and Recreation Teams Safe – Lone Worker Safety

Parks and recreation workers everywhere face hazardous conditions nearly every day. Whether you are operating recreational or leisure programs at playgrounds and parks in the city, managing wilderness campgrounds, performing trail-building and maintenance duties or any of the countless tasks that are part of many parks and rec workers’ daily routines, you face unique challenges to staying safe at work.

For each lone worker or team of workers, it’s critical to do a hazard…

Is your Team Prepared? – Lone Worker Safety System

Lone Worker Safety System

It’s common knowledge that workers in the forest industry are at high risk of accident or injury. In fact, working as a faller regularly tops the list of dangerous occupations in numerous countries worldwide. But it’s not only fallers that are in danger, many other

5 tips for Managing Workplace Stress – Lone worker Safety System

lone worker safety system

We all face stress on the job and when your workplace stress is not acknowledged and managed, it can lead to physical and emotional illness as well as reduced performance and productivity. How well you manage your workplace stress depends on how you are able (or unable!) to address it. Compounding the problem, if you work alone, without the security of co-workers to share the workload and watch your back, your stress levels may go through the roof!

Here are 5 tips for managing your workplace stress:


Essential Tips for your Retail Employees – Lone Worker Safety

lone worker safety

Essential Safety Tips for your Retail Employees

Your retail business, whether large or small, is responsible for providing a safe environment for workers as well as following the safety regulations of your country and local jurisdictions.

While retail isn’t considered a particularly high risk occupation, it can be

Pitfalls of the Buddy System – Lone Worker Protection Systems

lone worker protection system

Don't Rely on the Buddy System to keep your Team Safe on the Job

The buddy system has traditionally been a cornerstone of many safety systems for, quite literally, hundreds of years. It has performed quite admirably in many circumstances, but fails spectacularly sometimes, and sometimes with serious or even fatal consequences.

The most obvious flaw in the buddy system – what if…

How to Manage Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Safety

The 2008 murder of realtor Lindsay Buziak while showing a property in Victoria, BC, Canada is a disturbing example of why you need to manage the safety of your lone workers. There are many sales industry professionals who may be at risk when working alone; realtors showing homes, car salespeople taking customers for a test drive, and all sorts of outside sales workers who travel to visit clients and prospects.

Sending your team out on sales calls without a lone worker safety device is just not acceptable anymore, not when there is an affordable safety solution like Ok Alone.

Working Alone Safety Tip for Realtors and Estate Agents

working alone safety

You've worked hard to get that property listing and now you have a potential buyer coming to see it.  Fantastic.  As exciting as this is, it's worth remembering that following a few basic rules can go a long way to ensure your return home safely.

Single point of contact made easy

Single Point of Contact

Single point of of contact is important in quarrying and aggregates businesses. It’s there for operational reasons as well a safey requirement. Keeping your points of contact up-to-date can be difficult when staff are constantly changing and coming on and off shift and where you have lots of contractors.