How to Manage Lone Worker Safety

How to Manage Lone Worker Safety

The 2008 murder of realtor Lindsay Buziak while showing a property in Victoria, BC, Canada is a disturbing example of why you need to manage the safety of your lone workers. There are many sales industry professionals who may be at risk when working alone; realtors showing homes, car salespeople taking customers for a test drive, and all sorts of outside sales workers who travel to visit clients and prospects. All of whom work alone or in isolation without reliable safety systems supporting them.

Sending your team out on sales calls without a lone worker safety device is just not acceptable anymore, not when there are affordable safety solutions available at ever decreasing prices.

Effective, Affordable Lone Worker Safety Solutions for the Sales Industry

When you think about it, why would the best salespeople stay with a company that disregards their personal safety? They won’t. Competition for great sales professionals is stiff, and showing your staff that you care about them by providing a lone worker safety solution is one way to improve morale and increase retention of your best salespeople.

Why choose Ok Alone? Our system is flexible and so easy to implement and use that it actually gets used! Your sales force will be safe when working alone, protected through automated or live monitoring on a check in schedule that you can set and easily change according to your needs. And at very affordable prices – starting at $8/£7 per person per month.

Contact us – Most people are up and running in ten minutes or less. Why not sign up for a free trial now and see for yourself.

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