Health and Safety Guidelines for Workers Exposed to Biowaste

Health and Safety Guidelines biowaste

The handling of biowaste by lone workers is an area we hear more about each month.  Health and Safety Guidelines across Canada, USA, UK Australia and New Zealand all cover the unique risks assosiciated with biowaste.  In this blog, the team at SafetyON have kindly shared their thoughts on the subject. ————————- There are several …

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High risk situations for Lone Workers

High risk situations

I would like to share my views on lone worker duress communication, particularly when the clientele served is in high-risk situations. What I have found through my years as a crisis management consultant, leading various organization in minimizing risk and maximizing safety, needs to be shared. Individuals who are at the most risk are the …

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Working from home. Working alone

Working from home

Home working has more than doubled in the US since 2005.  In fact, the Huffington Post recently published an article about why the working from home trend is going to continue to grow or even explode.  The social, economic and environmental arguments for this shift are very strong.  In many major cities, a two hour …

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Understanding Canadian Work Alone Monitoring Legislation

Canadian Work Alone Legislation

In Canada, lone worker legislation isn’t consistent from coast to coast. Not all provinces have enacted legislation regarding an employer’s responsibility toward their lone workers, and the ones that did put measures in place have slightly different regulations. To add to the confusion, work alone monitoring regulations also exist on a federal level — but …

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Favourite Feature – High Risk Check-ins

I want to check-in before my scheduled time. I’m going into a high risk situation

Sometimes, workers find they are entering a potentially high risk situation.  As a result, they want to check-in before the next scheduled check-in is due.  This feature is only available to app users…