Introducing the Learning Center – Lone Worker Safety Education

Here at Ok Alone we’ve always been deeply committed to ensuring your safety, but we also understand that getting to grips with a new system can sometimes be daunting. With this in mind, we’re pleased to introduce you to our latest development – the Learning Center! Why have we created the Learning Center? At Ok …

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Enhancing Safety for Lone Working Health Workers


Lone worker safety is a considerably more complex issue in a home visit environment, compared with providing health care services in a dedicated health care setting. Managing patient care on your own, without the opportunity to call on a co-worker for help, is obviously a risk, one faced by health professionals every time they step …

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The Different Terms Used for Lone Working Around the World

Lone female worker in office after hours

Lone working, the practice of employees working alone or without direct supervision, is a common occurrence across various industries and regions around the world. Whether it’s a night-shift security guard, a remote field researcher, or a healthcare professional visiting patients’ homes, lone working represents a significant aspect of the way people work today. The terminology …

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Can a task bar help button on your computer help in emergencies?

Task bar help button Icon live

When you have employees working on their own it is important to have an employee safety monitoring system in place in case of emergencies. This applies to people across many industries and occupations, from education to retail or front of house staff. Having a system that is compatible with pc’s and laptops, and shows as …

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The Role of a Lone Worker System in Protecting Your Employees and Creating a Safer Workplace

As an employer duty of care extends beyond the traditional office or worksite to include remote or lone workers who operate in secluded or hazardous environments. To address this concern, a comprehensive safety solution, the lone worker monitoring system, was developed to monitor and protect lone workers. This system provides employers with real-time insights into …

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Cloud-based Dashboard for Lone Worker Monitoring

Ok Alone’s employee safety app works in conjunction with a fully integrated cloud-based dashboard. The dashboard homepage allows Monitors to see, at a glance, the status and location of workers on shift. The dashboard has several sections – Workers, Monitors, Groups, Reports, Management, Settings – that make keeping track of your team even easier. The …

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Our Safe Worker App supports Lone Worker Safety with Real-Time Monitoring

As modern work environments continue to evolve, and people become increasingly isolated the importance of implementing cutting-edge solutions to address the safety concerns of lone workers becomes more and more important. The role of promoting safety and security for these workers, has been taken on by innovative safe worker apps that are revolutionizing the way …

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How a Lone Worker Alarm Can Ensure Safety and Peace of Mind with 24/7 Protection

Employees who work in remote or isolated environments without direct supervision or easy access to immediate assistance are referred to as lone workers. These workers face distinctive safety challenges and ensuring their safety and well-being should be a top priority for employers who have a legal and moral responsibility to protect their workers. One solution …

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The Lone Worker App that improves Workforce Safety and Monitoring

In the last decade partly due to rapid advancements in technology and interconnectedness lone working has become increasingly common. Lone workers are those who often operate in remote, off-hour or hazardous environments, thereby experiencing safety challenges that differ from those faced by their colleagues. To help lone workers mobile applications have been developed to enhance …

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The Importance of Lone Worker Monitoring: Ensuring Safety and Compliance in the Modern Workplace

Why you need Lone Worker Monitoring  In order to ensure the safety of your employees you need a modern lone worker system that doesn’t rely on manual check-ins or the buddy system, which are unreliable methods. Instead, you need to choose a lone worker monitoring solution with multiple connectivity options that is specifically designed to address …

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Maximizing Workforce Safety: How Our Lone Worker Solution Can Help

Ensuring the safety of employees is a crucial responsibility for any organization. However, it can be particularly challenging when it comes to lone workers. These individuals often work in isolation, making them more vulnerable to serious injuries in an accident or emergency. To address this concern, our company created a unique lone worker solution that …

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Lone Worker Protection: Keep Your Staff Safe with a Smartphone App

The workplace is evolving rapidly, and as a result, an increasing number of employees find themselves working alone in hazardous environments. This can be attributed to a variety of factors, including remote work arrangements, flexible schedules, and job requirements that entail visiting client sites or working in the field. While this type of work can …

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Ensuring Safety in the Workplace with Employee Safety Monitoring from Ok Alone

Employee safety monitoring is essential for businesses to protect their employees and ensure they are safe while performing their jobs. With the rise of remote and flexible work arrangements, complete workforce visibility with worker safety monitoring is crucial for businesses to fulfil their duty of care. By implementing worker safety monitoring, businesses can improve employee …

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Lone Worker Trends for 2023


At Ok Alone we are constantly developing our product, either adding new features from customer requests, updating our systems to keep them running efficiently or adapting our solution to improve the user experience. In this vein we are really interested in the changes in our industry and the predictions made for the upcoming year. Here …

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Integrations with Ok Alone

At Ok Alone we love working with other companies and seeing how our solution and their product can work together to create something wonderful! WhatsApp WhatsApp is one of the formats Monitors can be contacted in if a worker misses a check in or requests help. Monitors are sent a message through WhatsApp detailing who …

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Who is a Lone Worker?

Who is a lone worker

The number of Lone workers has been steadily increasing for the last few years. Recently though, numbers have taken a drastic rise as a result of the pandemic. Do you qualify as a lone worker? A lone worker is classified as someone who works by themselves without close or direct supervision, where they cannot be …

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What is Lone Working and other Relevant Questions

A lot of people search on Google about lone working. People ask who lone workers are, what are the risks, how do they stay safe and much, much more. We decided to address all these questions and more – to help people learn about lone working and how to stay safe. Who are lone workers? …

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What is a Lone Worker Policy and other Questions

Lone worker policy

Ok Alone is one of the highest-rated lone worker solutions around and because of this, we get asked lots of questions from and about lone workers. A lot of people also search on Google about lone working. People ask who lone workers are, what are the risks of lone working, how do they stay safe …

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Top 10 Features of our Lone Worker App

Start shift times for Ok Alone lone worker monitoring

1. App Notifications & Alarms When a check in is due the worker will get an in app notification (with an alarm) asking them to check in . This feature is easy to setup and allows a worker to check-in before their monitors are alerted. 2. High Risk Check -ins Being able to change the …

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