Applying GDPR to Lone Worker Solutions

Check in with Ok Alone lone worker app

From the 18th of May 2018 all countries in the European Union had to abide by the new General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR). This was approved by the European Parliament and Council and replaced the Data Protection Directive 95/46/ec.  These regulations apply to everyone from small businesses to large enterprises and can result in some …

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What does lone worker risk really mean?

lone worker risk

What does lone worker risk really mean? We often hear about lone worker risk. It’s talked about in a generic sort of way – you are on your own, so you’re at more risk. While this is true, it’s less common to see these risks broken down into meaningful categories that can be analysed. This …

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Are you looking out for the mental health of your lone workers?

Lone worker alarm

When it comes to assessing the risks associated with working alone, it’s easy to focus on the physical dangers that can easily set off a lone worker alarm or man down alarm. Heights, loud noises, chemicals, extreme temperatures, tripping hazards—these are all things you can see, hear, and feel. But under the surface, there’s a …

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Work Alone Safety: Creating a Safe Space for Fixed-Site Lone Workers

Home worker alone

Work Alone Safety: Creating a Safe Space for Fixed-Site Lone Workers What comes to mind when you hear the term “lone worker?” An oilfield operator testing well production at an unmanned site? A biologist conducting fieldwork on a northern river? A truck driver making a delivery on an isolated stretch of road? These types of …

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Using Focus Groups to Gather Risk Information for a Lone Worker Policy

Safety policy focus group

Using Focus Groups to Gather Risk Information for Your Lone Worker Safety Policy Most often, the process of gathering risk information for your lone worker safety policy begins in a general sort of way. You might make a list of the obvious hazards, observe your employees in their working environments, or carry out a short …

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HR Strategies to Promote Lone Worker Safety – Ok Alone Worker

HR Strategies to Promote Lone Worker Safety

Human resource professionals play a vital role in ensuring the health and safety of lone workers. Of course it’s not their exclusive domain (health and safety is everyone’s business), but they are equipped with exceptional communication skills that can help mitigate the risks associated with working alone. It’s not easy to start a conversation about …

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Work Alone Call Center: What to Look For in a Live Monitoring Service

Work Alone Call Center

Work Alone Call Center: The Benefits of Live Monitoring When it comes to monitoring lone workers, someone must be looking out for their safety at all times. Usually, that person is a manager, a supervisor, or another person in the office. But what if the company doesn’t have the necessary resources to monitor their teams? …

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Winter has arrived. Snowplow drivers need lone worker safety too

Lone worker winter safety

Some people need to get to work, regardless of weather conditions – doctors, nurses, medical professionals, first responders.  Snowplow drivers work at all hours to make this possible.  Some start at 4 am, some at midnight. Conditions get slippery, black ice is a menace, and fatigue can easily set in.  When your snowplow driver is …

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Work safety tips for cold weather – Lone worker safety systems

lone worker safety systems

Work Safety Tips for Cold Winter Weather

As we bundle up and head into the winter months (in the northern hemisphere) our thoughts turn to keeping workers safe in cold conditions. For most of us in Canada, extreme cold is something we deal with every year, and we are pretty good at it!

Those whose job requires them to be outside for any

Lone worker protection technology for mining teams

lone worker protection

Advanced, Easy to Implement Lone Worker Protection Technology is the Future for Mining Teams

Mining has benefitted from new technologies, perhaps more than any other industry. Inherently high risk, thoughtful investment in high tech tools has already improved health and safety issues across the industry.

Lone worker monitoring systems that provide quick

5 emergency response plan essentials for education – Lone workers

emergency response

5 Emergency Response Plan Essentials for Education Settings

Emergencies, disasters or critical incidents that occur within an educational setting are every parents’, teachers’ and school administrators’ nightmare. The health and welfare of hundreds or thousands of children and young people could be at risk and dependent upon a thorough and well-executed emergency response plan.

The five basic all-hazard responses…

Volunteers Need Safety Monitoring – Lone worker safety systems

Lone worker safety systems

Fundraising Events and Canvassing for Charity can be Hazardous to Volunteers and Fundraising Professionals

Where would we be without volunteers? Volunteerism contributes to a kinder, more equitable and safer society, so it’s only fair that those who go out of their way to help others should be protected themselves, right?

Recently, a young man volunteering at a charity haunted house in…

Keeping Parks and Recreation Teams Safe – Lone Worker Safety

Parks and recreation workers everywhere face hazardous conditions nearly every day. Whether you are operating recreational or leisure programs at playgrounds and parks in the city, managing wilderness campgrounds, performing trail-building and maintenance duties or any of the countless tasks that are part of many parks and rec workers’ daily routines, you face unique challenges to staying safe at work.

For each lone worker or team of workers, it’s critical to do a hazard…

Is your Team Prepared? – Lone Worker Safety System

Lone Worker Safety System

It’s common knowledge that workers in the forest industry are at high risk of accident or injury. In fact, working as a faller regularly tops the list of dangerous occupations in numerous countries worldwide. But it’s not only fallers that are in danger, many other

5 tips for Managing Workplace Stress – Lone worker Safety System

lone worker safety system

We all face stress on the job and when your workplace stress is not acknowledged and managed, it can lead to physical and emotional illness as well as reduced performance and productivity. How well you manage your workplace stress depends on how you are able (or unable!) to address it. Compounding the problem, if you work alone, without the security of co-workers to share the workload and watch your back, your stress levels may go through the roof!

Here are 5 tips for managing your workplace stress:


Keeping Home Care Nurses Safe with a Lone Worker Safety App

lone worker safety app

In August 2016, a home health services provider in the US was fined because of an incident in which a worker was sexually assaulted by a client while providing health care services in the client’s home. The fine was levied because an investigation by

Essential Tips for your Retail Employees – Lone Worker Safety

lone worker safety

Essential Safety Tips for your Retail Employees

Your retail business, whether large or small, is responsible for providing a safe environment for workers as well as following the safety regulations of your country and local jurisdictions.

While retail isn’t considered a particularly high risk occupation, it can be

Pitfalls of the Buddy System – Lone Worker Protection Systems

lone worker protection system

Don't Rely on the Buddy System to keep your Team Safe on the Job

The buddy system has traditionally been a cornerstone of many safety systems for, quite literally, hundreds of years. It has performed quite admirably in many circumstances, but fails spectacularly sometimes, and sometimes with serious or even fatal consequences.

The most obvious flaw in the buddy system – what if…

How to Manage Lone Worker Safety

Lone Worker Safety

The 2008 murder of realtor Lindsay Buziak while showing a property in Victoria, BC, Canada is a disturbing example of why you need to manage the safety of your lone workers. There are many sales industry professionals who may be at risk when working alone; realtors showing homes, car salespeople taking customers for a test drive, and all sorts of outside sales workers who travel to visit clients and prospects.

Sending your team out on sales calls without a lone worker safety device is just not acceptable anymore, not when there is an affordable safety solution like Ok Alone.